Best Vera Wang Perfume

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Are you wondering about the best Vera Wang perfume? Check out my thoughts on fragrances like Vera Wang Princess Perfume and which is best.

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I love designer fragrances and Vera Wang is certainly one of my favorites. But, have you had a chance to look at Gucci Envy Me?

Or, you might want to consider Peace Love & Juicy Couture. It’s another one of my favorite scents.

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Best Vera Wang Perfume

Vera Wang is a Chinese American fashion designer based in New York City who is known for her exquisite bridal gowns. I first fell in love with her exquisite style as a teenager when she was a fashion editor for Vogue in the early eighties.

She has expanded her offerings to include fragrance, jewelry, eyewear, shoe, and houseware collections. This review was originally published in 2011 but has been updated with photos and more information so my newer readers can see it.

What scent is Vera Wang Princess?

This is a fruity scent. The notes contain apricots, guava, and apples. Base notes include amber and vanilla.

I’ve heard it said that this is the best Vera Wang perfume for women in their 20s. But, I can honestly say that it’s a wonderful summer scent for any youthful woman no matter her physical age.

About Vera Wang Princess

Vera Wang Princess eau de toilette spray was created in 2006 and embodies all things playful and feminine. At first glance, Vera Wang Princess is not only playful and feminine but has a bit of an attitude as well.

The pale lavender box sports a bold purple heart with stylized gold edging and a sparkly gold crown with purple gems around the edge.

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About Vera Wang Perfume Embrace

Embrace is a more sophisticated and intimate scent. It has notes of green tea and pear blossoms. 

Other base notes include freesia, peony, orange blossom, and cedarwood. This gives it a more mature feel than Vera Wang Princess. 

Vera Wang Look Perfume

This scent is classified as a Chypre Floral which means that it contains citrus top notes, middle notes of rockrose, and base notes of oakmoss.

It’s a feminine perfume with herbal notes that is earthy and more natural than scents that are truly floral or fruity in nature.

Are you wondering about the best Vera Wang perfume? Check out my thoughts on fragrances like Vera Wang Princess Perfume and which is best.

What is the best Vera Wang Princess perfume?

After the original scent that was introduced in 2006, she released several other versions.

My personal favorite is the original, Vera Wang Princess perfume. But, Glam Princess is also high on my list of favorites.

What is the best Vera Wang perfume?

Very Wang has over 25 different perfumes so this list is definitely not inclusive.  You can easily find a favorite no matter your age or the occasion you need it for. 

Here are my top picks.

  • Best for younger women – Vera Wang Princess
  • Top pick for work – Vera Wang Look
  • Most romantic scent – Vera Wang Lovestruck
  • Best casual perfume – Vera Wang Anniversary
  • Best modern scent – Vera Wang Embrace

Gucci Envy Me eau de Parfum and Gucci Flora Perfume

Where can I find these scents?

You can find most of them on Amazon. But, select scents are also sold at places like Walgreens, Walmart, and Kohls.

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Other scents like Vera Wang Princess

If you want to know what scents are like Vera Wang Princess, here are a few:

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  1. This is one of my favorive scents, and I always get SO many compliments! It’s fresh, light and simply lovely. I agree that it more of a summer scent.

  2. I tried on a Vera Wang gown once. My wallet winced. LOL!

    Love the shape of this bottle. The bold heart on the box really catches your eye.

    I need someone to create hypoallergenic perfume. I can’t wear anything scented because of my allergies. Doesn’t keep me from sampling from time to time, though.

  3. I didn’t even know she made perfume as well. Gosh where have I been. I will have to check this out as it sounds delightful.

  4. I’m not much of a perfume wearer, but I love the bottles. The shape of this one is so cute… definitely princess-like! 🙂

  5. I didn’t know that Vera Wang had a perfume line. I love a great smelling perfume, but alas, I’m married to a man who does not. Ah, well.

  6. I have never tried this scent before but just looking at the bottle it would be a great gift. It is very pretty and delicate to look at. I will have to sample this next time I go to the mall! Thanks for the great review. Rita Spratlen


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