How to Dress for a Pear Shaped Body

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Wondering how to dress for a pear shaped body? Check out these outfits for a pear shaped body to learn more about flattering fashions.

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When I was in high school, I had one wish for my appearance. I wanted to take two inches off my hips and move them to my bust line.  And, I was envious of the girls who filled out tiny tank tops and bikinis without looking hippy in the matching bikini bottom. 

How to dress for a pear shaped body

How to Dress for a Pear Shaped Body

 I spent hours trying on swimsuits, looking for the one that magically made me look like those swimsuit models that emerged from the ocean with drops of water all over their skin, bursting out of their swimsuits. Unfortunately, I never found that swimsuit but I did learn a few things about how to dress for a pear shaped body.

What does it mean if you have a pear shaped body?

A pear shaped body is defined as one that has a smaller bosom and tends to carry (and gain) their weight in their hips and thighs.  That description fits me to a T.  

When I was younger, I thought the best way to show off what I had and hide what I didn’t was to wear super tight jeans and baggy shirts. Sadly, that wasn’t a great fashion statement for me.

How to Dress for a Pear Shaped Body

What pear shapes should not wear

While there are no hard and fast nevers in the fashion world, there are a few things that people with pear shaped bodies should not wear.

  • Avoid skinny jeans that taper at the ankles.
  • Avoid lighter colors on the bottom and darker colors on top.
  • Mini skirts, booty shorts, and bodycon dresses are almost never a good fashion choice.

How to Dress for a Pear Shaped Body

What are the best clothes for pear shaped bodies?

Your goal is to make your torso look longer so you look less hippy. The first step is to balance your shoulders and hips while you show off the curves you do have.

Draw attention to your top half (and away from your hips) by wearing a cute scarf, statement necklace, or bright patterned top.

How should a pear shaped body dress?

Always wear something dark on the bottom half of your body.  Choose dark-washed jeans instead of stonewashed ones. Dark colors are slimming.

Never have your top end where your hips begin. That will draw attention to the part of your body you want to minimize.

If you wear a belt, you want it to be slim and to match the color of your pants. You do not need a bright visual line around your hips.

Dresses for a pear shaped body

A-line v-neck dresses are the most flattering style of dress for anyone with a pear body shape. Some styles of wrap dresses are also very flattering. I love the outfits I find on Nadine West.

Office wear for pear shaped body

Tunic tops are great as long as they do not cling to your stomach or your hips. Pants with a flared leg will help minimize your hips. Skinny jeans may make you look more hippy.

Choose denim and wool over stretchy fabric that will cling where you don’t want it to.

If you’re searching for pear shaped clothing stores, you can find stylish clothes in many traditional clothing stores geared toward women.

Avoid junior’s stores since these styles will probably not flatter your body shape. Check out the gorgeous variety of stylish dresses for pear shaped bodies right here.

28 thoughts on “How to Dress for a Pear Shaped Body”

  1. High waisted tops are very flattering for pear shaped bodies. It’s always nice to find a top that is flowing and comfy, yet flattering!

  2. Very good tips on how to dress for a pear shape. I was doing everything wrong and now I am going to take these suggestions and use them to help dress for a pear shape. Thanks for your help!

  3. If the top should not end at the widest part of your hip…where is the best place for it to end? Should you not tuck into your jeans? 

  4. I love these ideas, and I can relate with wanting to take 2 inches off hips and thighs.  I dress pretty close to this for a night out, but there were a few tips I am going to add into the mix.  Thank you

  5. All very good tips, Ellen. I don’t have a pear-shaped body, but I dressed a lot of them over the years as an Image Consultant, and, trust me, pear shapes are much easier to dress than apples. Pears have curves in the right places and a waist, which is always an advantage. I would wear all those pieces except the shoes. They remind me of the klunky shoes we wore in the sixties. I didn’t like them then, and I still don’t like them. At least they have an open toe, which is a bit more feminine.

    Bottom line… grateful for your curves and, who knows?? maybe you’ll fill out up top as you age. I did.

    Cheers, M-T


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