Tummy Control Swim Skirts

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Check out these tummy control swim skirts! Finding swimwear that looks good on you as you get older isn’t as easy as it is when you’re in your twenties.

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But, with a little bit of extra added support, you can still look good in your swimsuit. Check out these tummy control swimming suits.

Tummy Control Swim Skirts That Hide Weight Gain

Tummy Control Swim Skirts

For many women, the stomach and hip areas are where we carry most of our extra weight. Thankfully, there are tummy control swim skirts that help smooth and sculpt this area.

Long swim skorts can not only help you look better, but they can also give you the self-confidence you need to actually put on that swimsuit. I can’t be the only one that buys a bathing suit and keeps it in a drawer all year.

If you’re not used to wearing a tummy control swim skirt, you might wonder if it’s right for you. There are lots of different styles of women’s swim skirts.

You can get a longer skirt that women often choose for modesty. Or, you can get a shorter skirt that floats around your hips to offer added support.

Two-piece swimsuits that cover your stomach are one of my favorite styles. It all depends on the style of bathing suit you want. Remember, you can always add a coverup.

Tummy Control Swim Skirts That Hide Weight Gain

What is the best tummy control swimwear?

The best tummy control swim skirts I have tried are made by Miracle Skirt. A Miraclesuit skirt offers a wide range of swimwear, from the traditional one-piece to a tankini.

Many of their women swim skirts are perfect for modesty and extra coverage. You can mix and match bathing suit skirt bottoms and tops if you want to.

They also offer a tummy control skirt that even has a zippered pocket. Then, you can pear whichever swimsuit top you want with it. I prefer tankinis myself.

But, you could opt for a bikini top if that’s your style. Sizes go from 8 to 16 although they have other styles that go up into the plus sizes.

They also have a one-piece swim dress if you want something that’s one piece rather than a top and a bottom. It’s got a gorgeous plunge in the front along with skirted hips. Sizes are limited but check it out and see.

You can also get swim shorts which give your swimwear a more sporty look. I love modest tummy control swimwear because it is perfect for walks on the beach, playing volleyball, or boating.

You can pair it with a t-shirt over your swim top and it won’t look odd. This is the best swimsuit to hide a tummy bulge if you’re concerned about modesty.

a drawing of different swimsuit styles

What type of swimsuit is best?

There are so many different styles of swimsuits out there that it can be hard to choose. The style that looks best on you will depend on your body shape.

The handy drawing above will give you an idea of the different styles. Keep in mind that you will want to support the areas of your body that you consider your problem areas.

That’s why I go with tummy control swim skirts. Of course, there are bikinis with skirts too, if you don’t want a tankini-style top. 

What is the best swimsuit to hide a tummy?

If you have a little bit of extra weight in the stomach area, tummy control swim skirts are one option. A plus-size high-waisted swim skirt is a perfect choice.

But, any type of swimsuit with good control and a high waist can give you a little bit more added support. You can also go with a tankini which comes down lower on top to help give more coverage.

Check out these designer skirted swim skirts.

a woman wearing a navy swimsuit and summer hat

What color swimsuit is most slimming?

Black is the most slimming color but there is no need to restrict the tummy control skim skirts you buy. Other slimming colors include navy or royal blue, or even poppy red.

Simple bright or neon colors will be more slimming than busy patterns and soft pastels. Sculpting swimwear will be even more effective this way. They make some of the best tummy control bikini bottoms.

Tummy control swim skirts options

Here are a few slimming swimsuit options to hide belly fat you can choose from.

Tummy Control Swim Skirts That Hide Weight Gain

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