Best Swimsuit for Pear Shaped Body

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Are you looking or the best swimsuit for pear shaped body? When I was decluttering my closets recently, I realized that I had 5 bathing suits. Yes, you heard me right … 5. 

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How to find the best swimsuit for a pear shaped body

Best Swimsuit for Pear Shaped Body

You might think that having 5 bathing suits I spend a lot of time in the water in the summer. I actually don’t. It’s been years since I’ve gone swimming because I hate the way bathing suits look on me.  

Finding the best swimsuit for a pear-shaped body when you carry all your weight in your hips and thighs is not easy. My first impulse is to swim in my capris or to put my husband’s XL t-shirt over my swimsuit and swim in that.

Neither of those is a very fashionable look though.  I like these choices much better. I’ve shared a few of my favorite swimsuits along with some tips for choosing the best swimsuit for a variety of different body types. I hope that you find one you like.

Here are a few bathing suits for a pear shaped body:

What is the best swimsuit for a pear shaped body

What is the best swimsuit for a pear-shaped body?

If you carry extra weight in your hips and thighs, boy shorts or a skirt will help minimize the extra inches. Or, if you also carry a bit of extra weight in your stomach, choose a swimsuit with a high waist or a one-piece suit to help with tummy control.

If you want the best bikini for a pear shape, look for one that has boy shorts on the bottom and a traditional bikini top. 

You may want to try:

Best swimsuit for big thighs

Tankinis and monokinis are my absolute favorite. Not only do they minimize my hips and thighs but they also help disguise that mommy tummy that never seems to be flat again after children.

Any swimsuit bottom with a high waist will help to hide a tummy bulge. And, most swimsuits with boy short bottoms will help to disguise heavy thighs.

And, remember that dark colors are more slimming. Choose a bathing suit bottom in a dark color like black, navy blue, dark green, or even maroon. 

How to Find the Best Swimsuit for Pear Shaped Body

No matter which swimsuit you decide to go with, the important thing is that you feel comfortable and have fun. No one (even the models you see online) have perfect bodies.

Keep in mind that the models we see in magazines are often airbrushed. They are not an appropriate way to judge our own images.

Here are a few you may like.

Best Swimsuit for Pear Shaped Body

Best bathing suit to hide back fat

We all have something about our bodies that we dislike. It may be a small bust. It may be a pear shape. Or, it may be back fat. The best bathing suit to hide back fat is one with a solid back.

This may be a one piece. Or, it may be a bathing suit with a halter top. Be sure to try on several to make sure that the tops offer enough support and modesty to make you feel comfortable wearing it. That’s true with any type of swimwear.

What swimsuit is best for plus size women?

The best swimsuit for plus size women is usually one that offers enough support to make you feel confident about your body shape while wearing it. But, it also needs to be one that makes you feel attractive. The Esther Williams brand has a lot of gorgeous swimsuits for plus size women. They offer both one and two pieced swimsuits in a variety of different sizes, styles, and colors.

Find a suit that makes you feel comfortable, grab your sunscreen, and head out for some fun at the beach. Don’t let a self-confidence get in the way of enjoying swim time at the beach. 

Now that I’ve shared the best swimsuit for a pear-shaped body, which is your favorite?

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Best swimsuit for pear shaped body


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  1. I have an apple shape, but the same problem – it hard to find a suit that looks flattering. I also like tankinis best, they are flattering for many figures.

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