Summer Sun Safety Tips to Keep Aging Skin Safe

4.0 02 Before you head to the beach, check out these summer sun safety tips! Summer means time in the sun and shopping for cute sandals but what’s a girl with very light skin to do? I burn so easily that I find myself avoiding spending too much time in the sun.  I’m the person […]

How to Smooth Rough Skin on Feet for Summer

0.0 00 Sandal weather is finally here again and I’ve noticed that my feet need a little bit of attention before I feel completely confident in my sandals. After a long winter wearing thick socks and boots, I’ve noticed some rough spots that aren’t that attractive. Thankfully, learning how to smooth rough skin on feet […]

Get a Close Shave on Legs Without Razor Burn

0.0 00 Are you wondering how to get a close shave on legs or your bikini area? Unless you’re heading to a tropical location, you probably won’t be putting on a bikini any time soon. But, it’s never too early to get your legs ready for summer. Unsightly bumps and razor burn can lead to scars […]

Moisturizer for Colder Weather for Every Skin Type

0.0 00 How do you moisturize in the winter? Here’s a top moisturizer for colder weather for every skin type. Do you use the same moisturizers year round? Or do you switch to a heavier moisturizer as the weather cools down? Even in the warmer areas of the country, cooler winter temperatures can cause your […]

How to Reduce the Appearance of Fine Lines

0.0 00 Would you love to turn back the hands of time and reduce the appearance of fine lines? I started noticing fine lines in my early thirties and there was no way that I was ready for them. At 51, I have more than I care to think about. As you age, your skin […]

Tips For Winter Skin to Renew Your Healthy Glow

0.0 00 If you’re wondering how to renew your skin’s healthy glow, check out these tips for winter skin. Winter means colder, drier weather. And, both the cold and the dry air can result in dry, chapped, irritated skin. Living in Vermont, I cannot avoid winter, but I can take steps to protect my skin. […]

Korean Skincare Treatment for Whiter Skin

0.0 00 Have you ever wondered how a Korean skincare treatment can help your skin? I’ve often felt that Korean skincare products are more trendy than those I can find locally. I read a number of beauty magazines and have always been impressed by the cutting edge technology and research being done with new products. […]

How to Get Younger Looking Skin at Almost Any Age

0.0 00 If I paid more attention to my skin when I was younger, I wouldn’t have to worry about how to get younger looking skin today.  I guess what they say is true.  You don’t know what you had until you no longer have it. At 50+, my skin is starting to show its […]

Facial Mask Benefits and How to Use Them Properly

0.0 00 You won’t believe the facial mask benefits for aging skin! You may be thinking that face masks are only beneficial for the younger crowd that’s trying to control oil and manage acne breakouts. But, you’d be wrong. There are literally facial masks for just about every skin type and skin condition out there from […]

How to Care for Aging Skin for a More Youthful Look

0.0 00 Are you wondering how to care for aging skin? I’m not one to pay a lot of attention my age.  I expect to grow old but I expect to grow old gracefully with as little damage to my skin as possible. In order to make that a reality, I needed to learn how […]