How to Make Your Foundation Last Longer Every Day

Are you wondering how to make your foundation last longer? One of the complaints I hear most from friends is that their makeup just does not last all day.  Most of us put our makeup on first thing in the morning. We then head to work or to run errands and don’t want to give […]

How to Smooth Rough Skin on Feet for Summer

Sandal weather is finally here again and I’ve noticed that my feet need a little bit of attention before I feel completely confident in my sandals. After a long winter wearing thick socks and boots, I’ve noticed some rough spots that aren’t that attractive. Thankfully, learning how to smooth rough skin on feet and even […]

How to Relax Naturally and Pamper Yourself

Learning how to relax naturally after a stressful day has helped me have a calmer evening. After a long day at work, the kids, the house, etc. I just felt like I was so anxious that I couldn’t relax. My preference is to use natural techniques like lavender first when looking for solutions.This post may […]

Pampering Bath Products: Easy DIY Lullaby Oil

Have you ever thought about making your own pampering bath products? My relaxation time at the end of the night is something that I look forward to quite a bit.  I have a cup of chamomile tea and either watch a movie with my husband or read a book. Sometimes on particularly stressful nights, I […]

Mothers Day Gifts For Travelers and Jet Setters

Are you looking for Mothers Day Gifts for Travelers? Finding the perfect Mothers’ Day gifts has always been a challenge for me. My Mother is one of those women who has absolutely everything she needs or wants.  She also has very specific tastes so buying her clothing or jewelry is definitely not an option.This post […]

Bath Bombs Instructions: Earl Grey & Lavender

Check out these easy bath bombs instructions! I love homemade body products because I am in control of the ingredients that are used. Using them is a wonderful way to pamper yourself. Or, make them as a gift for someone else.This post may be sponsored. Post contains affiliate links. I may be compensated if you […]

Summer Dress for a Wedding Guest to Wear

Have you ever wondered what the ideal summer dress for a wedding guest is? Now that the weather is warming up, I’m sure that many of us have weddings we’ll be attending this year. My daughter is getting married in October, so I’ll be searching for a dress myself. The choices can be overwhelming.This post […]

Sugar Lip Scrub DIY for Kissably Soft Lips

Check out this simple sugar lip scrub DIY! I love making homemade beauty products because I am completely in charge of the ingredients. If you’ve ever looked at the ingredients list on your beauty products, you’ll completely understand! If not, take a few minutes to do that next time you shop.This post may be sponsored. […]

Beauty Diet Foods Secrets for a Healthier You

These beauty diet foods may be one of the best-kept secrets for a healthier, happier you. We’ve all heard the adage, “You are what you eat.” But what about the connection between your food and your face?This post may be sponsored. Post contains affiliate links. I may be compensated if you make a purchase using […]

How to Accessorize for Spring & The Latest Trends

Finally, the weather is warming up and I can focus on how to accessorize for spring instead of winter! Accessorizing can really make or break an outfit. Just picture a plain white shirt. How boring, right? Add a colorful scarf, some trendy bracelets, a statement necklace or another accessory and it makes all the difference.This […]