How to Remove Wrinkles From Clothes Easily

If you’re wondering how to remove wrinkles from clothes easily, keep reading! I can honestly say that ironing is one of my least favorite tasks. And, thankfully it’s something that I don’t need to do any longer. But, every now and then, you have something wrinkled you need to deal with. How to Remove Wrinkles […]

Cellulite Massage Soap DIY to Help Reduce Cellulite

Have you ever heard of a cellulite massage soap? Check out this simple DIY homemade soap recipe and learn how it can help reduce cellulite naturally. I don’t remember how old I was when I first noticed I had cellulite. But, it’s something that I’ve had for many years.  Cellulite Massage Soap So, this cellulite […]

How to Clean Straw Hats and Hat Bands Easily

Have you ever wondered how to clean straw hats? I have a few straw hats that I wear in the summer when I’m gardening or at the beach. And, of course, since it’s summertime, they have sweat stains on the brim. I even found an adorable vintage straw hat at our local thrift store but […]

Coobie Seamless Bra Review – Best Bra for Your LBD

I’m sharing this Coobie Seamless bra review for those of you that are looking for a comfortable seamless bra for holiday wear. After a certain age, support is more important than ever. We all want to look stunning but our bodies don’t always cooperate as we age.  Coobie Seamless Bra Review A seamless bra lets […]

Halloween Costumes Inspired by Movies

Check out these Halloween costumes inspired by movies! I love Halloween but it can be a challenge coming up with a different idea each year. I love classic Halloween costumes and Halloween costumes inspired by movies are always a big hit. But, I don’t want to have to spend hours sewing something by hand. I […]

Rusk Paste Define & Separate for Unique Hair Styles

Have you tried Rusk Paste? There are days I dream about being able to just wash my hair and towel it dry and leave the house for the day. If you have fine, thin hair as I do, you’ll probably understand how impossible this is if you want your hair to look even remotely presentable […]

How to Make a Natural Shoe Deodorizer Sachet

Check out these easy homemade shoe deodorizer sachets! With as many pairs of shoes as I have, I decided it was time to learn how to make a natural shoe deodorizer sachet. I love shoes and boots but there are times that shoes can get an off smell to them. I hate throwing shoes away, […]

JLust by JLo Perfume Review and Fragrance Notes

I love perfume but wasn’t at all familiar with JLust by JLo perfume. When I learned that Jennifer Lopez had launched a new fragrance this spring, I couldn’t wait to try it. The new JLust by JLo fragrance is part of the perfume collection launched in 2013 called JLove.  JLust by JLo Perfume  The fragrance […]

8 Best Fabrics That Don’t Need to be Ironed

These fabrics that don’t need to be ironed are perfect if you’re traveling or trying to save time. One of my goals is to dress up a bit more even on days that I don’t really go anywhere. Since I work at home, it’s far too easy to just grab a pair of jeans and […]

French Lavender Soap DIY with Essential Oils

If you’re looking for a French lavender soap, have you considered making your own? Making homemade soap is very easy to do. And, it’s a lot more affordable than buying French lavender soap from Provence from your favorite upscale department store. French Lavender Soap I fell in love with French lavender soap years ago when […]