Negative Space Nail Design Tutorial With Photos

This negative space nail design is right on trend for those of you who are looking for the latest looks. When it comes to nail trends, Sally Hansen Global Color Ambassador Madeline Poole is the expert on what’s hot. This season, she reports that Negative Space is the trendiest and easiest nail art look you […]

Easy Nail Design – Two Toned Nail Polish

Product provided. I finally got my pumpkin and managed to get my front door decorated. The leaves are changing colors, and I can feel the fall in the air.  Two-toned nail polish is an easy nail design you can do to celebrate fall.  Read all the way to the end for my trick to get […]

Best Fall Nail Polish for Fair Skin This Year

I love wearing fall nail polish colors, but it can be a challenge to find the best fall nail polish for fair skin. Fall nail polish colors tend to include red, orange, yellow, brown, and other earth tones. Those colors aren’t always flattering for someone with fair skin. This post contains affiliate links, and I […]

Easy Nail Designs with a Sponge

So you know how you go on Pinterest and search for easy nail designs and nothing you try actually looks like it’s supposed to? Either I am horrible at doing nail art of their idea of easy is drastically different than mine.  I really wanted to make one of the designs I found on Pinterest […]

Zoya Island Fun 2015

I’m not having any island fun this summer but I will be enjoying a few new summer shades from Zoya Island Fun 2015 collection.  These bright colors remind me of fun on the beach with brightly colored flip flops, beach balls and beach umbrellas! Product was provided. Zoya Island Fun 2015 All of the polishes […]

Easy DIY Summer Nails

I’m far from an expert at nail designs. I don’t have a lot of patience to do complicated designs that require multiple steps and a very steady hand. I still like to do fun things to my nails but I tend to stick with easy DIY summer nails like this simple swirl. Easy DIY Summer […]

Tips For Doing Your Nails At Home

As much as I love having my nails done at the salon, I just don’t always have time to run into the city. I’m picky about where I have my nails done. Not all salons are as clean as you think they are and you can get some awful infections if you aren’t careful. Thankfully, […]

SinfulColors Holiday 2014 Nail Polish Shades

There’s just something magical about a freshly fallen coat of snow. If you can look past the fact that it means you need to shovel the driveway, you might notice the way the sun sparkles off the snow on the ground or the way the snowflakes look like little diamonds when they fall. I do […]

Pure Ice Christmas Nail Polish | Holiday Glitter

I love Christmas nail polish but I just do not have the skill to paint reindeer and Christmas trees on my nails. I’ve tried. Trust me. The result was not pretty. I still want to do something fun and different for Christmas with my nails but I need something easy like holiday glitter polish. Pure […]

Kate Spade Nail Polish Set

I love trying new brands of nail polish so I was excited when I found a Kate Spade Nail Polish Set at TJMaxx yesterday. We don’t have a lot of upscale stores in my area so I generally only have easy access to drug store brands. To find the more upscale brands, I find myself […]