Perfect Wedding Colors for Every Season

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Are you wondering what the perfect wedding colors are for your special day? Planning your wedding is all about the details. One of the biggest details you will consider is the wedding colors that help to create the atmosphere of your entire event.

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Perfect Wedding Colors for Every Season

Perfect Wedding Colors

Your wedding colors will pull together all of the other details. And, the colors you choose will determine everything from bridesmaids dresses to flowers and centerpieces. For some weddings it will even affect the colors the guests wear to the wedding. So, what are the perfect wedding colors?

The first thing to consider when you are choosing your wedding colors is to take a look at your favorite colors. Often when partners have similar or complementary favorite colors you this can
be the easiest way to choose wedding colors that hold meaning for the couple. Don’t forget to consider your wedding favors.

Think about colors that hold personal meanings. If your own favorite colors are not a good fit for you then think about other colors that hold meanings. Perhaps the favorite color of a loved one
that has passed on as a meaningful gesture to make them part of your wedding. This can help you come up with a wedding color palette.

a women holding a bouquet of roses and pink flowers

Perfect wedding colors to match flowers

Choose colors that match your favorite flowers making them the perfect match when planning your wedding. This is a great option if you want everything to blend seamlessly and you have
already chosen to use your favorite flowers as part of your wedding. If you do not have a favorite flower you may find inspiration by taking a trip to the florist you plan to use for your wedding and exploring the options they have available to you.

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Spring wedding colors

  • Pale yellow and peach
  • Pink and light blue
  • Blush and navy
  • Mint green
  • Light shades of purple

Perfect Wedding Colors for Every Season

Summer wedding colors

  • Poppy and sage
  • Seaside blue
  • Marigold
  • White, gold and green
  • Cinnamon rose

bride and groom holding flowers for a fall wedding

Fall wedding colors

  • Jewel tones
  • Apricot
  • Pumpkin and sage green
  • Black and white
  • Deep purples

Perfect Wedding Colors for Every Season

Winter wedding colors

  • White and grey
  • Burgundy and black
  • Raspberry
  • Silver
  • All white

Perfect Wedding Colors for Every Season

What else should I consider?

Consider the venue for your wedding. Many wedding venues have everything you need on hand in a whole host of colors. Checking with your venue before you decide can be a great way to find the perfect wedding colors to use and save money overall by not needing to purchase extra linens and such. Even choosing your main color from your venue’s options can be a big money saver.

Even if your wedding venue does not offer items you will need for your wedding it can be helpful to consider the look and feel of the venue when making plans for your perfect wedding colors. If you are having an outdoor wedding ask what colors will appear in the landscaping when you will be getting married. Do not assume the flowers in bloom the day you choose your venue will be the same ones blooming at a later date.

When looking for great aesthetics for your wedding you want to take into account how well your choice of wedding colors go together. Using a color wheel you can look for colors that truly fit
together allowing for you to put together a more professional look when choosing the perfect wedding colors.

a wedding party releasing balloons

Do I need a wedding planner?

Talk to a professional. When planning your wedding it can be practical to hire a professional to help you pull everything off. Professional wedding planners have an eye for details and can help
you choose colors that will make your wedding look amazing. A good wedding planner will go to bat for you to help ensure that everything is perfect and that everything from linens to bridesmaids dresses matches your wedding colors perfectly for a flawless finish.

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If you’re a wedding guest, check out these acceptable colors to wear to a wedding.

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