Best Swimsuit for a Small Bust

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When I was in high school, I hated swimsuit season. I was never blessed with enough up top to look like a supermodel in a bathing suit.  While I was flipping through Cosmo magazine, drooling over swimsuits that I’d never be able to fill out, I should have done some research on the best swimsuit for a small bust.

Best swimsuit for a small bust

Best Swimsuit for a Small Bust

Thankfully, I now have access to the internet to shop. I’m not limited by the five swimsuits in my local store any longer. When looking for a swimsuit, I always try to find a suit that will enhance my bust without being so revealing that I’m self conscious. Here are a few tips.

  • Look for swimsuits with an underwire bra. An underwire will help shape and lift for more definition. For even more help, try a bra that is lightly padded.
  • Choose a swimsuit that has bold colors and bright patterns. They’ll help distract the eye away from your bust.
  • Contrast the cups. Choose a suit that has contrasting cups so the color helps to define them.
  • Plunging necklines often look better on women with a small bust. Be daring!
  • Try a bustier with bold stripes. The bustier will help define what you have and the stripes will accent your cleavage.
  • Try a triangle bikini. A lightly padded triangle bikini top shows off your assets with a little help.
  • Add ruffles and fringe. Both ruffles and fringe will give you the appearance of having more up top than you do.

When shopping for swimsuits, look for a store that allows you to buy the top and bottom pieces separately. While I need a small bathing suit top, I need a larger bottom.   This can be a real problem in stores where I have to buy one size for the whole suit.  Stores like Victoria’s Secret and Athleta will allow you to purchase tops and bottoms separately.

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Best swimsuit for a small bust

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  1. I have just the opposite issue.  We should trade a little LOL.  Bathing suit shopping for anyone other than the 5% can be brutal. 

  2. It’s funny, when I lived at the shore I had a whole bathing suit wardrobe. Now here in Montana if I’ve worn one twice in the last 10 years I’d be surprised. I’m like you though – all of my erm, assets are everywhere but my bust.

  3. How did we shop before the internet? It can be just as hard to find a good suit when you have a bigger bust as finding one for a smaller bust.

  4. I can honestly say I have NO problem with this issue. LOL I’ve been well endowed my whole life and while some may envy me, it’s difficult AND expensive to find a bathing suit I like and can actually fit in to. These are all great tips regardless of bust size though! 🙂

  5. Stephanie says

    These are great tips. You’re not the only one who grew up wishing their local store had more options! I love the choices available on the internet today!

  6. I love being able to buy pieces separately.  It makes getting just the right suit so much easier!

  7. I am another one with the opposite problem. I pretty much have to stick to separate pieces for that reason.