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Don’t get me wrong, I love Vermont. I love the colorful, mild springs when all the flowers start to bloom. I love the warm summer weather when the temps rarely get too hot to handle. I love the golds and reds of the leaves in autumn. I do NOT, however, love the ice and snow. I often let the colors in nature guide me when I’m choosing my make up colors.  I love picking fun nail polish colors to go with the yellow sun, the bright pink roses or the gold autumn leaves.  This morning, as I listen to the freezing rain tap against the window, all I see out my front window is brown trees and white ice and snow.

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Nail polish challenge - weather

Nail Polish Challenge

This morning, I have decided to let the weather choose my colors.   The Holiday Tinsel nail polish collection from SinfulColors features six sparkling holiday inspired shades that are infused with glitter.  This glitter gives your nails a just tinseled touch. Or, if you are looking out my window, it makes your nails resemble the freezing rain and ice outside.  You can purchase the Holiday Tinsel nail polish collection from SinfulColors for only $1.99.  They are available exclusively from Walgreens during the 2013 Holiday season.

SinfulColors Holiday Tinsel

The Holiday Tinsel collection includes:

  • Silver Rainbows
  • Spiked Ice
  • Pink Icicles
  • Cold as Ice (pictured)
  • Tinsel Town
  • Gold Tinsel

I think that the Gold Tinsel would work wonderfully in the fall and the Tinsel Town reminds me of the blue lake water at the beach.  The Pink Icicles would match the pretty pink roses I have in my backyard in the spring, if spring actually ever gets here again.  I’m having my doubts about that today. Today is definitely a Cold as Ice kind of day.

SinfulColors Holiday Tinsel Cold as Ice

If you looked out your window right now, what colors would the weather choose for you? Leave a link as a comment below if you join in.

38 thoughts on “Nail Polish Challenge – Weather”

  1. That Sinful Colors collection certainly reminds me of Snow, right now it is sunny and the sky is clear, I’d probably go with a pretty aqua color.

  2. The Cold as Ice polish definitely looks like snow! I bet it would be pretty as a top coat over something like blue or black. Pretty cheap too!

  3. Such fun colors and the way they are inspired. The cold as ice looks kind of funky, more like you scratched your nails with something, but at the same time I can totally see it as snow or ice as well. Funny! I like the pink icicles I think.

  4. That’s a really fun idea! Never thought of letting the weather choose my color. I’ve always just stuck to the normal pinks and reds.

  5. I can relate! Living in Alaska all I saw was ice and snow out the window 9 months of the year. Not inspiring in the least! By the way, we are hand twins. That photo made me do an eerie double take because you and I not only have identical hands, but the same wedding band and engagement ring!

  6. I have gotten these nail polishes marked down at Walgreens for .50 each. There is so many colors to choose from and I love painting my nails. I think I hoard nail polish because I have over 25 bottles and they are brand new. I can not wait for Spring and warmer weather!!


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