New Ways to Wear Perfume

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I am always searching for new ways to wear perfume. When I was a teenager, I was always told to apply your perfume to the inside of your wrists.  I never questioned that wisdom or tried any other ways.  As I matured into a young woman, I learned that you could apply perfume to your décolletage as well. My perfume routine was still fairly basic but I at least had a little bit of variety.  I have heard friends say that they sometimes apply perfume to their clothes, behind their knees or even in their hair or on their hair brush.

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Lisa Hoffman Fragrance Jewelry - A new way to wear perfume

New Ways to Wear Perfume

I recently learned of new ways to wear perfume that completely astounded me.  Lisa Hoffman Beauty offers fine fragrance jewelry that will change the way you think of perfume. You can now enjoy perfume without a bottle by wearing one of her gorgeous bracelets or other piece of jewelry.  Each bracelet includes a signature charm that holds scent infused beads that slowly release fragrance. The fragrance lasts for WEEKS and scented bead refills are included with your bracelet!

New ways to wear perfume

This is the ideal solution for those with sensitive skin or allergies.  The perfume never touches your skin at all.  It is held inside the signature charm instead of being applied to your skin.  Plus, the fragrance beads are made from organic, eco-friendly materials! As if that wasn’t exciting enough, you can wear each fragrance alone or you can combine them to create your own signature look and scent.  All of the Lisa Hoffman Fragrances complement one another so there are endless combinations you can create.

New ways to wear perfume

There are five different fragrances. You take a quiz on their site to find out which fragrance is the best match for you.  Fragrances include:

  • Japanese Agarwood
  • Madagascar Orchid
  • Tuscan Fig
  • Tunisian Neroli
  • French Clary Sage

Each of the fragrances has different color beads and charms for a unique look.  According to the quiz, my perfect fragrance was the French Clary Sage which is a clean, watery linen scent.  Since I’m a huge fan of water scents, that came as no surprise. The bracelet that goes along with the French Clary Sage scent has green jade and silver beads with an oxidized sterling silver charm. It’s absolutely gorgeous and I love the scent.   The bracelet had a very elegant, sophisticated feel to it without making it so dressy that I couldn’t wear it with a pair of jeans.

new ways to wear perfume

If you like the layered look with bracelets, you can easily wear several of the bracelets and let the different scents compliment each other. I think the Japanese Agarwood which is a woody scent would go perfectly with the French Clary Sage.  Jewelry can be purchased directly from Lisa Hoffman Beauty. Other products include pendants, earrings, necklaces and fragrance cuffs in a variety of different scents.

28 thoughts on “New Ways to Wear Perfume”

  1. I’ve never seen anything like this before, it’s really neat. Not only is the jewelry beautiful, but it is a great solution for sensitive skin. I wonder how easy ti is on those with allergies to scents?

  2. What a cool product. I really like that the scents would stay pure and not get weird with body chemistry, so I’d still have the neroli. Neroli is an amazing scent. Sometimes the mixing of me and perfume is great and sometimes, not so much. This takes the risk out of a new perfume.

  3. This is definitely a new and interesting way to wear perfume. I took the quiz and my perfect fragrance is Tuscan Fig. Thank you for this review.


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