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* Don’t change your skin care products during the couple of weeks leading up to the event. You never know how your skin will react.
* Don’t get a facial right before the event. Give at least one week of time between a facial and a big event. The more problematic your skin, the more time you need between your facial and your party.
* Don’t allow your lashes to look clumpy. It’s distracting. Brush your lashes (with a lash brush) after each application.
* Don’t let your hair take away the attention from you! Avoid updos if they are not done by a pro or practice, practice, practice if you are doing it yourself.
* Avoid too much body glitter & glow. It can make you look sweaty.
* Do keep your brows neat. Plucking your eyebrows is a task that takes time to master. A trip to a professional for a good wax & pluck is well worth the time and money spent.
* Moisturize! Moisturize! Moisturize!
* Do choose a hue that you are comfortable with. Bright colored gowns and dresses stand out but if you are not used to wearing them, don’t!
* If you are going sleeveless toned arms say ‘I’m hot!” Do some extra arm exercises at least 30 days leading up to the event.
* Smile!
* and…Remember, the most important thing you can wear is self confidence.

Leslie Tyler is a TV Personality, Lifestyle Expert & Founder of Leslie Tyler Cosmetics www.leslietylerstyle.com .

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  1. Great tips! Confessions of an Overworked Mom sent me to check out your blog 🙂