Dress That Hides a Tummy Bulge

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Learning how to pick a dress that hides a tummy bulge is just one of those things you have to deal with after a certain age. Get the tips here.

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How to pick a dress to hide a tummy bulge

How to Pick a Dress That Hides a Tummy Bulge

Am I the only one that noticed that after I had hit 40, the weight started staying in the tummy area no matter how hard I exercised? Once I hit perimenopause, it became even more of an issue. If you follow these tips, a little extra weight in the stomach area won’t stop you from slipping into something stylish.

1. Don’t choose a dress that is snug across your stomach. You’ll only accent the fact that it isn’t flat. Instead, choose a dress that has ruching in the tummy area or that drapes past the area without being snug.

Rumor Ruched Dress

How to pick a dress that hides a tummy bulge

2. Choose a dress that has a wrap closure rather than a belt or tie. Belts and ties will cinch the material in the area you’re trying to hide which will draw attention to that area. A wrap closure will give the dress a gentle draping effect which should help disguise the extra weight.

Sweetheart Knit Wrap Dress

How to pick a dress to hide a tummy bulge

3. Choose an empire waist. An empire waist will gather right below the bust which will let the material glide gently over the stomach area. An empire waist is an excellent choice for those who are trying to draw attention away from their hips as well.

Desert Rain Maxi Dress

How to pick a dress that hides a tummy bulge

4. Wear shapewear. We all have that special dress that we want to look really stunning in. Sometimes even using these tips, I feel more comfortable when I wear shapewear to firm things up a bit.  Shapewear serves a purpose, but please make sure that it’s still comfortable to wear.

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