How to Get a Cats Eye Look – Makeup

Last Updated on January 28, 2024 by Ellen Christian

Have you ever wondered how to get a cats eye look? With all of the holiday parties coming up, a dramatic cats eye is the perfect way to step up your makeup routine.  

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How to Get a Cats Eye Look From Makeup Artist Mickey Williams

How to Get a Cats Eye Look

While I don’t use makeup every day, an occasion like a party is the perfect excuse to wear a bit more makeup than usual. Keep reading for everything you need to know.

How do you do the perfect cat eye?

The key to a perfect cat eye is the bold, dark line around the eyes that tapers off at the end. It requires a steady hand and the perfect liner to achieve that look.


Start with a shade that is subtle, complementary to skin tone and can blend naturally to bring just a touch of color. You don’t want to overpower the look’s liner and lashes.

Want smokey cat eye makeup? Try Nuance Salma Hayek Mineral Eyeshadow Duo -Moonstone/Shimmering Sand ($8.49). It is a neutral that’ll work well on anyone. Find it on Amazon.

How to Get a Cats Eye Look From Makeup Artist Mickey Williams


To create bold, dark lines around the eye, use Nuance Salma Hayek Lasting Wear Gel Eyeliner – Black ($9.99). It goes on with the ease of a pencil and as smooth as a liquid liner.

To create the signature cat eye look, extend the liner past the outer corner of the eye on both top and bottom lids, creating a sharp point that ends about ½ inch from the corner of your eye.

Find it on Amazon.

How to Get a Cats Eye Look From Makeup Artist Mickey Williams


To finalize the bold eye look, coat lashes with a mascara that will provide length and volume, like Nuance Salma Hayek Full Effect Ultra-Volumizing Mascara – Black ($9.79).

You’ll only need one coat to pump up the volume! Buy it on Amazon.


Complete the look with a natural-toned lipstick, like Nuance Salma Hayek Color Vibrance Lipstick – Shimmering Nude ($9.99), which provides bring subtle shimmer and extra moisture for lips while keeping color to a minimum (and keeping the focus on your eyes!). Buy it on Amazon.

I hope these cat eye makeup tips have helped. Learn how to make your eyeshadow last longer.