Casual Look for Entertaining at Home

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What’s your go-to casual look for entertaining? If you think of your little black dress every time you hear the words holiday party, keep reading. 

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Casual Look for Entertaining at Home During the Holidays

Casual Look for Entertaining

If you’re planning on a casual get together at home with friends and family, you may want a more casual look than your LBD.  When I entertain at home, the last thing I want to do is get all dressed up.

When you entertain at home, chances are you’re responsible for welcoming guests, mingling, serving the appetizers and drinks and any number of other things.

It’s not quite the same as attending a party at a restaurant where all you need to do is relax and visit with friends. However, there are many different types of parties you might be invited to. I hope that these suggestions will help.

Casual Look for Entertaining at Home During the Holidays


What should I wear to a holiday party?

A lot will depend on the type of party and the location. The dress code might include anything from jeans and a Christmas sweater for a skating party to black trousers and a red sequin blouse for a dressier occasion.

To keep your outfit festive, try to include red, green, silver or gold. Don’t go overboard. A few festive touches will work wonderfully.

Casual Look for Entertaining at Home During the Holidays

What should I wear to a dinner party?

If you’re invited to a dinner party rather than a holiday party, it may signify that there will be a sit-down dinner rather than appetizers and drinks.

Depending on the party, it might mean it will be slightly more formal. Speak to your host and find out what her expectations are.

You can never go wrong with black pants and a white blouse or a classic pantsuit. Dress it up with jewelry in bold holiday colors.

Casual Look for Entertaining at Home During the Holidays

What do you wear to a formal dinner?

If you’re invited to a formal dinner, your host may be expecting floor-length gowns or at least a semi-formal dress. You’ll want to slip on your favorite strappy heels, some glittery jewelry, and have your hair done.

This is definitely not the time to be casual. If your gown is strapless or has no sleeves, consider a faux fur wrap to keep warm.

Casual Look for Entertaining at Home During the Holidays

How to dress for any occasion

If you’re unsure how casual or formal an event will be, it’s better to be slightly dressier than not dressy enough.

A little black or navy dress is a timeless piece that can be dressed up with heels and a wrap or dressed down with flats and a jean jacket. It’s always a good idea to have at least one or two in your closet just in case. What’s your favorite casual look for entertaining?

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