Eucalyptus Oil Beauty Benefits

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I was provided products for this post. I love essential oils. There are many benefits of using essential oils in your health and beauty routines. They can pick me up or help me relax depending on which essential oil I use. Unlike products that are loaded with artificial ingredients, essential oils are natural, and I feel safe using them. Eucalyptus Oil Beauty Benefits

Eucalyptus Oil Beauty Benefits

I’ve recently been doing some research about eucalyptus oil beauty benefits. About all I know about Eucalyptus is that you use the dried plants in flower arrangements, and Koala bears like to eat them. Thankfully there are a lot of reasons to use eucalyptus oil besides those. Eucalyptus oil comes from eucalyptus leaves. The dried leaves are steam distilled to make the essential oil. If you’ve never smelled eucalyptus before, the scent is described as sweet and woody.  Here are just a few ways that eucalyptus oil can be used:

  • Eucalyptus oil can help heal minor skin irritation and insect bites.
  • Eucalyptus oil has calming properties when used in aromatherapy.
  • Eucalyptus oil can be relaxing for sore muscles.
  • It can help heal shingles. Eucalyptus oil has antiviral properties and is anti-inflammatory.
  • When added to shampoo, eucalyptus oil can help improve hair growth and to remove product build up.
  • Since eucalyptus essential oil can help skin irritation, some people find that it helps improve their acne.
  • Because I have asthma, I’ve also noticed that breathing in a steam inhalation with eucalyptus essential oil helps me breathe better.

I recently discovered the Eucalyptus Hybrid Bath Soak from Maple Holistics. This bath soak combines four different Eucalyptus species resulting in a unique and balanced combination that has both aromatic and therapeutic value. Because eucalyptus oil isn’t water soluble, it has to be mixed with something (besides water) when you want to use it in your bath. The Eucalyptus Hybrid Bath Soak is the perfect solution. It combines Dead Sea Salts, Epsom Salts and four different Eucalyptus essential oils so you can experience all of the eucalyptus oil beauty benefits easily.

I’ve had a very stressful week, and I’ve been using the Eucalyptus Hybrid Bath Soak in my bath at night to relax. I found that it helped clear my mind and calm me down during my bath. Plus, I love that I’m helping soothe any skin irritation at the same time. Maple Holistics offers a variety of natural hair, skin, and bath products. If you enjoy a bubble bath, their Lavender Hybrid Bubble Bath is a relaxing way to enjoy your bath. It contains an organic formula that contains natural compounds that help cleanse, deodorize and nourish your skin. It’s an amazing way to relax!

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Eucalyptus oil beauty benefits


  1. I bet this smells amazing. This would be great for stuffy noses in the winter.

  2. I learned that their beard oil is one of their best sellers. May have to try that for my husband!

  3. I came to comment on this post as I have a small bottle of eucalyptus oil next to me to stay away, since it’s way too hot for coffee (100 degrees today) so great you have a giveaway too! I learned their Opulence Eye Cream, which I would like to try also, using a mild formula since that’s important to me.

  4. john hutchens says

    I learned their products are backed by their 100% Quality Guarantee

  5. I use their Eucalyptus Bath Salt and Lavender Bath Salts once a week (alternating), and I have to say – AWESOME REVIEW! You definitely nailed all the “solids” when it comes to explaining the benefits of Eucalyptus Oil.

    It’s made with Dead Sea Salt, which is like the most minerally-rich salt in the whole friggin’ universe. It doesn’t get better quality than this, bro.

    Keep up the good writing, and awesome brand feature!

  6. Their products are vegan-friendly and safe for color-treated hair.