Cute Nail Designs for Spring

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I’ve been seriously considering having my nails done in one of these cute nail designs for spring. Find out how to do your nails for spring.

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15 Cute Nail Designs for Spring That Anyone Can Do

Cute Nail Designs for Spring

I want something cute and colorful but I can’t decide which style. They need to be professionally done because I have no idea how to do this myself. I keep seeing all of these gorgeous nails in my social media feed so I was inspired to put together a few of my favorites for you to choose from.

My salon lets me bring in my own polish and nail design pictures and they’ll replicate it for me. You should see if your salon offers the same service. Of course, if you’re the creative type, you might want to try a few of these designs yourself.

Easy to Do Easter Nail Design - Bunny

15 Cute Nail Designs for Spring That Anyone Can Do

Spring nail designs and colors

Spring nail designs and colors generally reflect either springtime flowers or an Easter motif. The colors are softer and you see more pastels than you do jewel tones.

Of course, nothing says you can’t wear a jewel tone if you want to. This hot pink Essie polish makes a great spring color. You might want to try Spring Color Gel Nails.

15 Cute Nail Designs for Spring That Anyone Can Do

Spring nail designs for tips

You may not want to do your entire nail in a spring nail polish design and that’s completely fine. I love the look of spring nail designs for tips. Check out the best nail polish colors for spring.

These candy nails by Giulia’s are super cute. Starting with these French tip decals would probably be easier.

15 Cute Nail Designs for Spring That Anyone Can Do

Nail designs for summer

As you transition from spring to summer, you’ll want to brighten up your nail polish and add some neon colors. Neons are perfect for the beach and fun in the sun. You might want to consider using nail decals if you plan on doing an overall flower theme.

Once you’ve decided which of the cute nail designs for spring you’d like to try, remember to remove any stains on your nails that may be caused by certain polishes.

You’ll want to start your nail design on perfectly clean nails. Don’t forget to take care of your feet so you can add some polish to your toes too. If you have any leftover nail polish, how about marbling Easter eggs?

Check out these Pumpkin nail designs.

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