Easter Bunny Nail Designs

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I have been looking through Pinterest for easy to do Easter nail designs. I really wanted to make an Easter Bunny. Check out my Easter Bunny nail design I created.

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Easy to Do Easter Nail Design - Bunny

Easy to Do Easter Nail Designs – Bunny

I cannot believe all the talented nail designs I have found with little white bunnies romping through fields of spring flowers. Either I’m going to need a nail the size of a blackboard or I’m just going to have to stop trying for that kind of detail.

So, back to my search for easy-to-do Easter nail designs. I’m not even going to try to do a bunny on each nail. If I do luck out and manage a cute bunny, it will only happen once. Instead, I focused on one Easter Bunny on one nail. That was my goal.

How to make Easter Bunny nail art

  • Make sure all the polish is off your nails and that they are filed down. If you have time for a manicure, go for it.
  • Start with a coat of protein polish. It will help your nails grow longer and stronger and prevents splitting. This is an absolute must for anyone that polishes their nails a lot.

Easy to Do Easter Nail Design - Bunny

  • Pick a nice bold, bright base coat. You want the white of the Easter Bunny to really stand out. I used C’est Extra! by Madam Glam which is a gorgeous bright purple glitter. You want this to be opaque so put on 4 or 5 good coats. This polish is a great alternative.
  • Let it dry. It must be completely dry. Don’t skimp. Give it enough time to dry.

Easy to Do Easter Nail Design - Bunny

  • Using Snow White by Madam Glam, I carefully painted a half circle for the body and two ears. I used a toothpick and the brush and I think it came out pretty bunny-like. At least my husband could tell I intended it to be a bunny. Use this polish.
  • Let it dry. It must be completely dry. Don’t skimp. Give it enough time to dry.

Easy to Do Easter Nail Design - Bunny

How to make Easter bunny ears with nail polish

  • Now you need to draw the ears and the nose. Again, I used a toothpick because it’s what I had. If you have those nail tools, use that.  For the pink, I used Happy Birthday by Madam Glam. It’s a super cute pale pink that was perfect for the bunny’s nose and ears.
  • OK this is where I cheat. You can use black polish to draw eyes and whiskers if you have a super steady hand. I do not. I used a fine point black Sharpie. Sshh dont’ tell.

Ultimately, I think it came out pretty good for my first Easter Bunny. It might have been easier if my nails had been a bit longer.

It’s definitely better than I thought it would come out. The Madam Glam polishes go on smoothly and give nice coverage which made the whole process much easier.

I love knowing that the polishes I get from Madam Glam are big-5 free, vegan and cruelty free. After all, you wouldn’t want to make an Easter Bunny using a polish that wasn’t, would you?

Madam Glam polishes can be purchased directly from their website. They also offer products for eyes, lips and face.

Easy to Do Easter Nail Design - Bunny

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