How to Care For Your Feet At Home

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Do you know how to care for your feet at home? Or do you visit the spa for a regular pedicure? Check out these tips for a spa pedicure at home.

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How to Care For Your Feet At Home

How to Care For Your Feet At Home

While I love escaping to the spa whenever I can, it’s not something that I can do every week. Of course, I cannot just ignore my feet in between spa visits.

After all, I want to be able to slip on a cute pair of sandals when the weather is nice. There are steps that you can take to keep your feet pretty and healthy in between your regular spa appointments. You deserve to be pampered.

Spa pedicure at home

One of the things I find most enjoyable about a spa pedicure is the process they use to soften my feet.  Like most busy women, I spend a lot of time on my feet running errands, shopping and doing housework.

 All of that standing and walking can certainly take a toll on your feet. By following these simple tips, your feet will be sandal ready in no time at all.

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Soak your feet in warm water for ten to fifteen minutes. I use a foot bath, but if you don’t have one, you can soak your feet in the bathtub while sitting on the edge of the tub.

Pumice stone

Gently remove the rough skin using a pumice stone. I use a pumice stone on my heels and any callouses to keep my feet soft. Be very gentle during this process.


Use a foot scrub on your entire foot. Use a foot scrub on your foot. This not only softens your skin but helps remove any dead skin cells. I generally use one with peppermint or cinnamon essential oil to improve circulation.


Apply a thick foot lotion. After you use a foot scrub rinse your feet off with warm water and apply a thick foot lotion that contains shea butter. Shea butter is extra moisturizing

How to Care For Your Feet At Home


Evaluate your feet. Look for cracked heels or any other problem areas and make an appointment with your doctor to discuss. My husband needs to pay special attention since he is diabetic.


Trim and file nails. Trim your toenails and file any rough edges with a nail file. Then, trim any hangnails so they don’t get infected. Treat yourself to a new nail polish shade.

Learning how to care for your feet at home can go a long way toward keeping your feet beautiful and healthy. Try to follow these steps at least once every two weeks or less frequently if you have a regular pedicure at the spa.

Now, how about an energizing citrus foot soak?

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  1. I love my foot spa I bought years ago. I should use it more, especially on those sticky, hot days–it’s so refreshing and much easier than a shower.


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