Comfortable Spring Clothing Styles

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As the weather warms up, I’ve been going through my clothes to decide which spring clothing styles I’ll be incorporating into my wardrobe this year. If you’re like me, you probably have things that you’ve purchased in the past that you’ve kept but never wear. Maybe the item was a great price but didn’t quite fit right. Maybe you’ve gained a few pounds, and your jeans are just a bit tighter than you like. Either way, I’m sure that there are a few spring items you need to add to your closet. 

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How to Choose Comfortable Spring Clothing Styles

Comfortable Spring Clothing Styles

When I shop for clothes, I want to make sure that they look good and that they’re comfortable. I’m not sacrificing either of those things for the other because I think they’re both equally important.

At 49, I’m long past the age where I’m going to wear something that looks great on me but isn’t comfortable. I also have no plans to wear clothes that are comfortable but look awful on me.

Thankfully, Chadwicks of Boston has a range of gorgeous spring clothing styles that are both comfortable and fashionable.

This is what I look for when choosing spring clothes:

Jeans or Pants –

When choosing jeans or pants, look for a relaxed fit versus a slim fit or skinny jean. Be sure that the material has a bit of flexibility and includes a blend of both cotton and spandex to allow movement.

I prefer the boyfriend cut which means that the pants typically have a relaxed fit and wider legs. I love the Alex Boyfriend Rock Water Jeans from Chadwicks. They are very comfortable and stylish. I love the ribbon detailing on the pockets.

How to Choose Comfortable Spring Clothing Styles

Tops and Shirts –

Finding a comfortable top can be a challenge. I want to look stylish, but clingy shirts are neither comfortable or overly attractive on me. Relaxed or easy fit shirts mean that those slightly less than toned areas of my stomach won’t be as noticeable as with a slim fit shirt.

I want a shirt that breathes well, so my preference is for something that is mostly cotton. A scoop neck shirt is modest and stylish and often more comfortable than a shirt that is tighter around your neck.

This Embroidered Scalloped Hem Knit Top is one of my favorites.

How to Choose Comfortable Spring Clothing Styles


Support. I cannot say that word enough. As someone who has foot problems due to poor footwear choices in my past, support is vital. No matter what type of shoe you are choosing, look for breathability and arch support.

How to Choose Comfortable Spring Clothing Styles

No matter what pieces you want to add to your wardrobe, Chadwicks of Boston has a variety of styles that will work for you. You can find casual clothes, dresses, activewear and a range of accessories with choices in petite, tall, plus and standard sizes.

What types of spring clothing styles are you looking for this year?

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  1. I’ve never shopped at a Chadwick’s before. Are there any in the Chicago area? I’ll have to check and see. 🙂 Otherwise, I hear ya with the comfortable shoes! That means EVERYTHING. All it takes is your feet hurting to ruin an event!

  2. These are great tips for Spring clothing styles. I know I like to feel comfortable when Spring arrives, tighter fitting clothing just doesn’t make me feel relaxed enough. I love your outfit, it is very comfortable looking and the right colors for you! 

  3. This is a fantastic post, I am hoping Spring arrives in NH soon because it seriously stinks that it has been so cold in NH. I hear we will hit 70 on Sunday and for me ? I love comfy fitting clothing … something that gives me the ability to run with kids!

  4. Looser tops are great for me, I feel that they hide what you don’t what to see. The whole outfit looks very nice on you. Thanks for the great spring outfit tips. 


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