Spring Skincare Habits

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Do you know how to change your skin care habits for spring? Or, are you following the same skin care routine year round? Check out these tips.

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How to Change Your Skin Care Habits for Spring

Skin Care Habits for Spring

As the seasons change, the temperature and the amount of moisture in the air changes as well. You should be adjusting your skin care routine for each season to see the best results.

While my skin care routine isn’t completely different, I do change a few things depending on what time of year it is.

Here are a few things that I recommend you change in the spring. You can incorporate all of them or pick and choose the ones that you feel will make the most difference in your skin.

How to exfoliate your face


Exfoliate more frequently. You should encourage your skin to remove old skin cells so your skin can be lighter, more hydrated and softer.

If you have sensitive skin, be certain that you choose an exfoliating product with tiny granules because it will be more gentle to your skin. Try a facial cleansing brush like the Clarisonic.

Use a serum

Switch to a serum and reduce moisturizer use. Serums are made without emulsifiers, so they are lighter on your skin.

If you have very dry skin, you may still need a moisturizer, but you should choose one that is much lighter.

Facial Mask Benefits and How to Use Them Properly

Natural beauty

Treat yourself using nature. Take a few moments to mash up an avocado for an avocado facial. Or apply honey to your face to help reduce an acne breakout.

makeup brushes drying in a cup with the bristles up


Clean your brushes

Spring clean your beauty products and makeup.  Check the dates. Anything that is expired or that you have had for more than six months, especially sun block, should go.

Wash your makeup brushes. You should be doing this regularly, but if you aren’t, it’s time now. Wash your brushes to remove oils and dead skin cells.

Beauty Diet Foods Secrets for a Healthier Happier You

Change your diet

Now that more fruits and vegetables are in season, you should make an effort to eat more. Always stick with seasonal vegetables and fruits (70% vegetables, 30% fruit).

Reduce your grain intake to a minimum and give up dairy.  There is a very strong relationship between consumption of dairy and acne breakouts.

Best way to remove sunscreen


Remember the sunscreen. Now that the sun is out more often, and you’re spending more time outside, always remember to apply sunscreen before you go outside.

water bottle on the beach

Stay hydrated

Keep your skin hydrated. Warmer weather means that you perspire more, and that means you need to up your hydration. Get a water bottle with markings on it to help motivate you to drink more water.

Now that you know how to change your skin care habits for spring, how about organizing that makeup desk?

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