Beauty Gifts Ideas With a Homemade Touch

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I love receiving beauty gifts made by friends and family members and wanted to share my favorite beauty gifts ideas with you. I like knowing that they’ve put time and thought into what they’re giving me rather than simply ordering the latest *thing* on someone’s top 10 list. Nothing beats a thoughtful homemade gift , and homemade personal care items are very easy to create from scratch. This post contains affiliate links, and I will receive compensation if you make a purchase after clicking on my links.

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Beauty Gifts Ideas With a Homemade Touch

Beauty Gifts Ideas With a Homemade Touch

There are so many different homemade beauty gifts ideas you can make very simply. Just a few ideas I’ve created in the past are facial masks, bath salts, hair rinses, lip balm and bath teas. When I create beauty gifts, I generally start with bulk items because it helps keep the cost down. If you cannot find them in your local health food coop, I’ve included a few helpful links below.

You will need a variety of different glass jars, bottles, tins, and bags depending on the type of beauty gift you’re making. You can purchase them new or you can upcycle/recycle things that you already have around the house. Mason jars are one of my favorite types of jars to use for this because they are affordable, and I always have dozens at home that I’m not using.

For a special homemade touch, instead of simply wrapping the homemade item and presenting it on its own, dress it up with a handwritten label and a ribbon.  Add it to a basket that contains a few other small gifts like a washcloth, loofah, hair brush, candles, hair accessories, or a bathrobe. You can spend as much or as little as you like depending on the person you’re buying for.

Homemade Beauty Gifts Ideas

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