How to Relieve Tired Achy Feet at Home

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At the end of the day, my feet are often killing me and I’m wondering how to relieve tired achy feet. Check out these foot relief tips.

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How to Relieve Tired Achy Feet at Home Easily

How to Relieve Tired Achy Feet

My feet never really bothered me when I was younger and I’ve had a number of jobs where I was on my feet all day.  For the past several months, I’ve noticed more and more that my feet are tired and uncomfortable at the end of the day.

I’d love to slip off for a few hours for a relaxing foot massage at the spa but sadly that’s not going to be happening soon.  If you feel the same way, don’t be discouraged. Here are a few things you can try when you’re wondering how to relieve tired achy feet.

Take a Bath

The warm water will soothe away any aches and pains and help improve blood flow to your entire body. Add a few drops of lavender essential oil to the water, close your eyes, and relax away a some of the stress of the day.

You will need these ingredients to get started making bath salts.

Soak Your Feet

Add two tablespoons of Epsom salts into a tub of warm water.  Soak your feet for 15 minutes.   Epsom salts can dry out your skin so make sure you add lotion to your skin afterward.

You can soak your feet in a foot bath or simply fill a tub with warm water and soak them that way. I like the foot tubs because you can get them with massaging jets of water. Try these natural rose petal bath salts.

How to Relieve Tired Achy Feet at Home Easily

Get a Foot Massage

If you don’t have someone to give you a foot massage, the next best thing is to give yourself one.  Add some scented lotion and use your thumbs to gently massage the fleshy parts of your heel.

A reflexology book will have a lot of great ideas for a foot massage.

Peppermint Body Lotion

Use a peppermint body lotion on your feet to leave them feeling energized after a long day. Make sure the lotion contains real peppermint oil in it for this effect.

After applying lotion, make sure that you slip on a pair of thick socks to help retain the moisture.

How to Relieve Tired Achy Feet at Home Easily

Slip into Slippers

As I’ve gotten older, I notice that walking around in my bare feet on hard floors is not all that comfortable anymore. Slipping on a pair of comfortable slippers is a necessity.

How that you know how to relieve tired achy feet, which one of my tips will you try first?

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