Mermaid Tail Accessories and Style Looks

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Check out these trendy mermaid tail accessories. What would summer be without mermaids? Of course, there are lots of gorgeous mermaid-style looks with and without the mermaid tails.

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Whether you want to show off your love of mermaids or buy a gift for someone, here are a few ideas. Why not get this free mermaid tail SVG and make a tote bag.

Mermaid Tail Accessories and Mermaid Style Looks

Mermaid Tail Accessories

There are so many different mermaid tail accessories out there. But, I wanted to share a few of my favorites with you. You can opt for trendy jewelry or hair accessories. Or, go all out and get a mermaid swim tail. 

So, I’ve written before about cosplay and you know that mermaids are popular thanks to Disney shows. But, there are also more gothic looks that are based on actual folklore. So, whether your idea of mermaids runs to turquoise and red or black and silver, here are some mermaid style looks you might enjoy.

a woman wearing a mermaid outfit on the beach

Mermaid tail jewelry

Of course, what makes a mermaid unique is her tail. So, it only stands to reason that mermaid tail accessories are so popular. If you want a few other types of trendy mermaid jewelry, you could opt for a seashell statement necklace.

Mermaid Tail Accessories and Mermaid Style Looks

Mermaid tail bags and totes

If you plan on heading to the beach or the pool, you’ll want a bag to bring along your sunscreen. These fun mermaid tail accessories look just like scales.

Mermaid Tail Accessories and Mermaid Style Looks

Mermaid inspired dress and clothes

Of course, in addition to mermaid tail accessories, you’ll need a mermaid style dress for when you’re out of the water. There are lots of gorgeous ways to have mermaid style looks with a mermaid style dress that flares at the bottom.

Of course, if you want to keep it more casual, mermaid clothes work just as well. This sleeveless top shimmers just like a mermaid. Or, if you’re more interested in leggings, these mermaid-inspired leggings are super cute.

Mermaid Tail Accessories and Mermaid Style Looks

The key to choosing mermaid tail accessories is to let them be inspired by mermaids. Even if you cannot find something that looks exactly like a mermaid tail for every item, you can create an overall feel by looking for accessories that are iridescent. 

And, remember that you don’t need to wear something that’s mermaid-inspired for every single piece in your outfit. You can create a fun look with a pair of jeans, a mermaid-inspired shirt, and a cute mermaid charm bracelet.

woman wearing a mermaid tail

Mermaid tail accessories for swimming

Of course, if you plan on heading to the beach or vacationing, you’ll want to actually pick up a mermaid tail to swim in. Have you seen the swim tails you can actually wear? These silicone mermaid tails slip over your bottom half and you wear them in the water. You will look just like a real mermaid with one of these.

So, a monofin mermaid tail is the silicone tail-piece you use to swim with. It fits inside of the tail itself. The tail slips over your legs and up to your hips. Without the monofin tail, you have a cute mermaid looking tail but the “tail” portion will be loose fabric at the bottom and you won’t be able to swim with it. It’s best to buy the monofin and the mermaid tail together so they fit.

If you’re looking for mermaid tail accessories for kids, check out these fun mermaid tails from Suntails.

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