10 Rose Quartz Hair Accessories

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These rose quartz hair accessories are a brilliant way to incorporate the latest Pantone color into your wardrobe this year. Check them out here.

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10 Breathtaking Rose Quartz Hair Accessories for 2016


10 Breathtaking Rose Quartz Hair Accessories for 2016

Each year, a new Pantone color of the year is announced. And, designers scramble to add pieces to their collection that feature the latest color.

This year, two Pantone colors of the year were announced. So, this gives us twice the opportunity to add a little bit of color to our wardrobe.

The 2016 Pantone colors of the year are Serenity (a light blue) and Rose Quartz (a light pink). So, it’s easy to see that pastels will be hot this year.

a piece of rose quartz

What is rose quartz?

Rose Quartz is also called pink quartz, and it is known as a “love stone” to those who study crystals. Wearing a piece of jewelry made from rose quartz is supposed to help you deal with stress and have a calming effect.

So, whether you believe that Rose Quartz has any effect on your mood or not, it’s still a gorgeous stone. I’m looking forward to including more this year.

There are a number of rose quartz hair accessories you can easily add this year to show off one of the Pantone colors. Even if you don’t want to invest in rose quartz itself, soft pastel pink will still be a hot trend this year.

Where to find rose quartz hair accessories

So, here are a few gorgeous accessories to try. 

Ivory and Pink Flower Bobby Pins

Floral Hair Crown (I love this one!)

Rose Floral Hair Clips

Pink Crystal Hair Pins

Pink Filigree Hair Barrette

Boho Babe Headband

Vintage Pink Lace Headband

Rose Gold Hair Vine

Pink Peony Hair Clip

Pastel Flower Crown

How to wear these hair accessories

So, I could pull off a few of these with jeans and a classic white t-shirt. Many of them remind me of a bohemian, gypsy type of look, and I’m sure they will be a huge hit this year as the weather warms up.

Until them, a few of the smaller clips would work quite well with colder weather outfits.

4 thoughts on “10 Rose Quartz Hair Accessories”

  1. You just gave me a great idea for the artificial small rose buds I was going to pitch (organizing/cleaning resolution). They looked so plastic in a vase and not giving me joy so I was going to donate them, but thinking of re-purposing some on a hair band or scarf. Need to pin this. See why I can’t get rid of my stuff?! They were just gathering dust though, but these rose hair accessories look too cute not to try.

  2. I knew I was going to love the sweet boho vibe rose quartz lended itself to so easily. While it’s not my style, these kinds of things are just so pretty, it’s tempting to DIY something that *IS* my style, but still along these lines. Hmm… things to think about!


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