A handbag for every season?

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You may remember I picked out a perfect handbag for the summer time on my last outlet shopping trip. Well autumn has arrived here in Vermont and my color scheme has changed. No longer and I wearing the pinks and floral patterns of the summer time. Now I’m wearing more navy and earth tones. That just doesn’t cut it with my pink accented handbag.

I’ve decided that I really need to find a new handbag. I either need to have a brown or black accent or possibly navy or maroon. Either way I think that would match well with my clothes for the colder months. I’ve been seriously checking out the Prada handbags because I am seriously loving their functionality and style. I’m seriously considering the ebony brown suede one.

Sarah17 on the other hand has her eyes set on the Rebecca Minkoff handbags. She loves the black leather point stud rocker handbag but I think that one is a bit young for me LOL. It would work really well for her though because it perfectly matches the boots she just got. We both agree that the Marc Jacobs handbags are to die for. I really want the new purple quilted nylon satchel! I think one of the black leather hobos would be more practical though.  What do you think? Purple or black?

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  1. I agree with you, Ellen, except I don’t think those Rebecca Minkoff bags are too young for you, at all! The Pradas are more classic and practical. Bah Humbug! I decided in my old age, practical and classic has to go. I love some of those Marc Jacobs bags! Not cheap, though. I love handbags, so stop being an enabler! ROFLOL

  2. LOL I just love handbags! I seriously need to get a new one but I just cannot make up my mind!

  3. I think purple!

    I have to find a new one too. I have been looking recently but nothing is rocking my socks. I’ll check out the links you posted.