How to Save Money on Your Manicures

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Check out these tips on how to save money on your manicures. Learn more about how to keep your nails looking good longer to save at the salon.

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How to Save Money on Your Manicures With These Tips

How to Save Money on Your Manicures

We all love the way our nails look when we come. But, the expense may not be something you can justify every week.

If that’s the case, keep reading because I have a few simple ways you can keep the cost down.

I love how my nails look after a manicure and polish at the salon, but I’ve been working on reducing expenses.

My salon gel manicure cost me $40 a month before I learned how to do manicures at home. Here are a few things that have helped me keep my nails looking good and my costs down.

Consider nail wraps

Nail wraps are an easy and affordable way to get a gorgeous manicure that lasts for weeks. Unlike regular polish, these long-lasting coverings use an adhesive to adhere tightly to your nails so that they won’t chip or peel off over time.

In addition, nail wraps come in beautiful patterns and colors, so you can quickly achieve the perfect look for any occasion. Check out my favorite nail wraps.

Rarity nails

With just a few simple steps, you can use nail wraps to save money on your next mani. First, select your favorite design from a wide range of options like stripes, metallics, florals, and animal prints.

Then, use tweezers to carefully place the wrap on your nailbed before pressing gently to activate the adhesive. Finally, file down any excess material and seal your new design with a topcoat for a lustrous finish that will last for weeks!

So if you’re looking for an affordable and hassle-free way to update your manicure without sacrificing quality or style, consider using nail wraps to get an effortless look that will turn heads wherever you go. Trust me – you won’t regret it!

Find all the styles here.

Use manicure tools

Invest in a set of metal manicure tools, and always ensure they are clean before you begin. File your nails with an emery board or a metal nail file. Don’t ever tear them.

a woman having her cuticle cut

The proper way to cut your nails

The best way to cut your nails is to make sure you clean under the nail otherwise, bacteria could form. Use fingernail clippers for your fingers and toenail clippers for your toes.

If unsure what shape your nails should have, look at your cuticles.

The U-shape of the cuticle should be reflected (upside down) by the top of your nail. The primary goal is to mirror the shape.

How to Save Money on Your Manicures With These Tips

Remove the polish

Use a cotton ball soaked in nail polish remover to ensure all the polish is off your nails. One of the quickest ways to ensure your manicure doesn’t last is by leaving traces of old polish on your nails.

Care for your cuticles

Soften your cuticles with cuticle oil for a minute and gently push back with a cuticle tool. Always use cuticle oil as it doesn’t just keep your cuticles soft and moisturized, it also keeps your nail polish from chipping.

This is seriously the best cuticle cream for hangnails.

Check out these tips on how to save money on your manicures. Learn more about how to keep your nails looking good longer to save at the salon.

Never cut your cuticles.

Trimming or cutting cuticles during a manicure is purely cosmetic and sometimes doesn’t benefit the nail. The cuticle is the barrier to protect the surrounding skin and helps develop the nail from infections. (Bacteria)

How to Save Money on Your Manicures With These Tips

All about the base

Don’t forget your base coat, it helps to give the color something to sink into besides your nails. Letting your nail polish sink into the nail itself can cause stains and discoloring.

Don’t forget your top coat:

This is an important step if you want your nails to maintain high shine and luster. You can always keep reapplying the top coat every 2-3 days to add strength and shine continuously.

One of the best ways to help save money on your manicures is by making the color last longer.

Save money and do your own nails with these tips.

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