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Have you ever wondered how a Korean skincare treatment can help your skin? I’ve often felt that Korean skincare products are more trendy than those I can find locally. I read a number of beauty magazines and have always been impressed by the cutting edge technology and research being done with new products.

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Korean Skincare Treatment for Whiter Skin

Korean Skincare Treatment for Whiter Skin

Skincare is almost an art in Korea. If you have ever read about their ten step process for skincare, you will certainly understand why that’s the case. Their skincare process includes several cleansers, toners, essences, serums, masks and products for specific areas of your face. After all, when I look at my skin, I don’t have the same concerns in every area.

My pores are larger on my forehead and nose than in other places. The skin under and around my eyes is certainly more delicate than the skin on my cheeks. It only makes sense to care for them differently.

Korean Skincare Treatment for Whiter Skin

Korean skin care website

Missus Love Skin Care offers skincare products that are made in the USA that are created based on the dedication that Korean’s have to healthy skincare. They use as many organic and natural ingredients in their skin care products as possible. They do no animal testing. And, they make their products in the United States.

If you are looking for a Korean skin whitener, their Sweet Dreams Love lotion was created with the purpose of whitening and brightening your skin by evening out its complexion, lightening hyper-pigmented spots and giving it a nourishing, moisturized glow.

Korean Skincare Treatment for Whiter Skin

They created a simple 2 product-process of whitening and brightening at night and restoring your skin during the day. The first step is their Sweet Dreams Love Lotion. The second step is their Good Morning Love, a stem cell restoration cream.

We all know that as we age, our skin changes. Those changes can include a less healthy glow, dry patches, and a less even complexion. 

Glycolic Acid enhances the whiteners’ effectiveness which helps exfoliate dead skin so their ingredients can interact with the newest skin cells. Find it here.

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