How to Care for Aging Skin for a More Youthful Look

Last Updated on March 30, 2022 by Ellen Christian

Are you wondering how to care for aging skin? I’m not one to pay a lot of attention my age.  I expect to grow old but I expect to grow old gracefully with as little damage to my skin as possible. In order to make that a reality, I needed to learn how to care for aging skin.  As my skin aged, I started noticing fine lines, wrinkles, and puffiness in the eye area. These really aren’t changes that I want my skin to go through. I started realizing how important it is to protect your skin and looking into ways I could improve it now.

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How to Care for Aging Skin

Hormonal changes can affect your skin.  Estrogen plays a roll in producing collagen and elastin and the level of estrogen in your body decreases as you age.  You’ll notice this because your skin will not feel as soft and supple as when you were younger.  As we age, there is also less oil produced which means our skin tends to be drier than when we were younger.

Dermae now has a new Skin Restore: Advanced Peptides and Collagen Serum to help with skin aging. This revolutionary formula is great for all skin types. It is packed with powerful peptides to help reduce the appearance of new to even the deepest wrinkles. Intensely hydrating, this serum has double-action collagen. It acts like nature’s botox to help preserve and restore your skin for a more youthful complexion.

Not only do I want to repair the damage done to my skin as I age, I want to protect it from future damage. We all know that how we live – whether that’s smoking, our diet, or exposure to the sun, impacts our skin.  Dermae has launched their own Sun Protection Mineral Powder with SPF30 in collaboration with Makeup Guru & Instagram Influencer Ash Deleon, @ieartmakeupart!  This translucent non-nano mineral powder can be worn on its own or over your other makeup. Reapply throughout the day for continuous SPF 30 protection and a natural, flawless look.

Anti Aging Skin Care

Figuring out how to care for aging skin doesn’t have to be difficult. We need to live healthier lives with a focus on drinking more water, eating healthier foods and protecting our skin from the sun and other elements as much as possible. Turning back the hands of time to when we were in our twenties isn’t possible. We can help repair the damage to our skin by using aging skin care products to help replace what aging is taking away. I’ve written before how much I enjoy Dermae’s anti aging skin care including the Dermae Charcoal products to help detox my skin.

I love that the products from Dermae help me look younger while still standing behind things that are important to me like cruelty-free beauty. You can find their products directly on their website or on Amazon. Visit DERMAE for more information.

7 thoughts on “How to Care for Aging Skin for a More Youthful Look”

  1. Hormone levels absolutely play a big part in not only how our skin looks and feels but so many other things with our body. Hair texture our bones and muscles.

  2. I think the preventive maintenance is so important – caring for the skin before the skin starts aging. Thank You for the information. I think I have to start looking into the different stage

  3. It’s nice to see such a well-rounded, thought out approach to skincare. I’m going to have to look into this as I get older… I’m at the age where thinking about an anti-aging regimen is important.

  4. Every day I look in the mirror and think more and more about my “fine lines” and wrinkles, especially under my eyes! I need some cream for it for sure, thank you for sharing!

  5. I keep trying to remember to drink more water and eat more berries to keep my skin healthy.. thank goodness for good skin care products because I still eat junk too often!


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