Ready to Wear Capsule Clothing Collection

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This trendy, ready-to-wear capsule clothing collection has everything a stylish woman can want. Learn more about creating a capsule wardrobe. 

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Trendy Ready to Wear Capsule Clothing Collection

Capsule Clothing Collection

Having just a few quality pieces of clothes can simplify your wardrobe choices. When everything you own is high quality and a piece that you love, getting dressed in the morning is a breeze.

One of the benefits of having a capsule clothing collection is that the pieces are interchangeable. You don’t need ten separate outfits when you can mix and match five pieces to create ten outfits. Of course, the clothes need to be stylish and they should flatter your shape.

One of the complaints I hear regularly about capsule wardrobes is that the pieces are too plain. These types of wardrobe collections often contain plain black pants, white shirts, and grey sweaters. While they mix and match, they aren’t often very trendy.

Trendy Ready to Wear Capsule Clothing Collection

Premade capsule wardrobe

With the prêt à porter capsule collection, all of the pieces are handmade in Italy. It is a unique fashion collection with Western and Afro-fusion for women of different sizes and heights…PETITE, STANDARD and TALL. It’s everything a stylish woman could want from her wardrobe.

It’s a full collection of different unique and alternative garments inspired by Western fashion designs with clear references to Afro culture and style showing off on amazing fantasies and patterns. These hand cut appliques are made with care and are created one at a time.

Trendy Ready to Wear Capsule Clothing Collection

This collection is unique not just because of the gorgeous combination of the styles, fabrics, and colors but also because the designer created the designs with every woman in mind. This collection is ‘size inclusive’ from size 38 to size 60 and options are available for women who need petite, standard, and tall. This is truly a capsule clothing collection that will work for every woman.

After being featured in Milan Fashion Week in September 2017, the company wanted to take the brand philosophy to the next level across Italy, Europe and the rest of the world. And, you can help make that mission a reality by supporting their Kickstarter campaign.

If you choose to support their campaign at certain levels, you have the option of receiving one of these gorgeous pieces with your donation. Take a moment to make a pledge and pre-order your items today.

Finally, learn more about how to simplify your closet.

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