Sally Complete Salon Manicure™ Polishes

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As much as I love splurging on myself, there are times I need to be more cost-conscious in my beauty routine. While a trip to the salon for a manicure is fun, it can get a bit pricey when you do it regularly. For those weeks when you want to give yourself a manicure at home, you should check out these new polishes.  

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Sally Complete Salon Manicure™ Polishes

Sally Complete Salon Manicure™ Polishes

The Complete Salon Manicure you love is now even better with amazing new shades. Style starts with a stunning spectrum of high-shine, perfectly pigmented nail polishes in on-trend, elegant hues. Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure™ introduces fashion-forward colors ranging from wearable, sparkle-spiked neutrals to daringly deep tones

. Our all-in-one formula with keratin boasts 7 benefits in one bottle – base coat, strength, growth treatment, salon color, top coat, chip resistance, and gel shine finish. The new formula delivers up to 64% stronger nails and up to 10 days of chip-resistant wear.  I

t’s everything you need to achieve a professional nail look at home.  Here, six dazzling new shades in the Complete Salon Manicure™ lineup, available in a range of finishes.

Sally Hansen Polish Colors

Like the perfect wardrobe collection, the shades range from chic neutrals to deeper tones that express your mood:

  • World Is My Oyster Make moves in this ethereal take on a pearlescent copper nude. (pictured above)
  • Society Ruler Channel the upper echelons in this rich burgundy. (pictured above)
  • Hooked On Onyx Vamp it up in this gem of a glossy black polish.
  • Devil Wears Nada is a nakedly daring neutral pink-beige blend.
  • Freedom Of Peach Punch up your tips in this fruity, sun-ripened peach tint. (pictured above)
  • Mauvin’ On Up Decorate those digits with a penthouse-worthy creamy pink-mauve hue. (pictured above)

Sally Complete Salon Manicure™ polishes feature a flawless finish brush that easily executes simple, smooth, streak-free application for a salon-quality manicure that delivers up to 10 days of chip-resistant wear. Look for Sally Complete Salon Manicure™ polishes as mass retailers and drug stores near you.

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