Best Clothes for Cruise Travel

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What are the best clothes for cruise travel? Find out my top picks and recommendations for the best cruise clothes.

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Best clothes for cruise travel

Best Clothes for Cruise Travel

I went on a cruise when I graduated high school. I went on a fantastic cruise with my Grandmother and, for me, it was one of the best memories I have of that time in my life.

Choosing the best clothes for cruise travel can make all the difference in how much you enjoy your vacation.  You may want to check out these Hawaiian clothes for women.

Of course, I knew very little about the best clothes for cruise travel or packing for any vacation. Packing for a cruise is so different than packing for a traditional vacation.

A cruise ship can be like a small, self-contained city on the water. You need to pack for a wide variety of different activities.

Focus on comfort

If you’re taking a cruise somewhere warm, these trips will help you pick the best clothes for cruise travel so you can enjoy yourself. The best clothes for cruise travel are those that are comfortable and easy to maintain.

You should bring mix and match outfits that pack well and are appropriate for a variety of occasions.

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Opt for neutrals

You will find that a basic, neutral wardrobe will be the most versatile. Looking for khaki and denim shorts along with a few solid colored skirts.

Shirts in black, white and navy will be easiest to match along with a few other solid colors. You can then add in accessories like jewelry and scarves as needed.  Include one dressy outfit if your itinerary includes that type of event.

Best clothes for cruise travel

A few trendy items

Of course, you will want a few trendy pieces depending on your plans. There is nothing wrong with packing a Hawaiin shirt or a brightly colored sundress for variety.  

You’ll also want a few swimsuits for poolside wear. Make sure to pack at least two so you will always have on that’s dry to wear. Remember a beach wrap for poolside as well.

Comfort is important while cruising. You’ll want to have a variety of footwear including sandals, comfortable dressy shoes, ballet flats and flip flops for the pool.

Look for material that is wrinkle free. You don’t want to have to iron your clothes while you’re there. Polyester and cotton and synthetic knits are always good choices for wrinkle-free fabric. Check out the best no-iron fabrics.

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Choosing a cruise

When choosing a cruise line, look for the little things that will make your vacation special. Avalon Waterways invites you to experience the views you deserve when sailing the world’s rivers.

On two decks, the staterooms have now been designed for beds to face the windows (unlike any other cruise ships). The view itself has become a much more integral part of the trip, and this unique point-of-view is now the whole point!

Now that you’re back, here are a few tips to clean your straw hat. Or, check out these water fashions for boating or yachting.

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  1. I am taking my first cruise in 1 week- to Alaska- so I certainly won’t be thinking warm weather, haha, but many of these tips apply and help! I never even considered taking a river cruise, maybe I’ll plan that next!


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