Patriotic Nail Designs for Memorial Day or July 4

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You’re going to love these Patriotic Nail Designs! I’m the first person to admit that when it comes to nail polish, I’m a novice. I wear polish but I have never experimented much with nail art or nail designs. Check out this easy patriotic nail idea.

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Patriotic Nail Designs for Memorial Day or July 4

Patriotic Nail Designs

Since May is Memorial Day and July is the 4th of July or Independence Day, I knew that I needed to figure out some simple patriotic nail designs that even a novice could manage. I didn’t want anything too complicated. I briefly considered red and blue acrylic nails but I’m not a big fan of press-on nails.

There are lots of red, white, and blue nail art designs you can do. Almost any red, white, and blue nails will have a patriotic feel because those are the colors of the American flag. This is one of the simplest patriotic nail designs I’ve seen. It doesn’t require a lot of practice. And, it came out really cute.

What do you need for patriotic nail designs?

You don’t need a lot of special equipment, but you will need:

Patriotic Nail Designs for Memorial Day or July 4

How do you paint your nails red, white and blue?

There are lots of different patriotic nail designs. This one is very easy. Just follow the steps below. You will want to use a nail dotting tool to make the heart.

  • Start by removing all of your existing polish and applying a protective base coat.  
  • Trim your cuticles and file your nails.  
  • Apply a base coat on each nail.
  • Apply a thin coat of red polish, skipping two of your nails.
  • Then, apply a thin coat of dark blue polish on the ring finger.
  • Apply a coat of white nail polish on the middle finger.
  • Apply a second coat on all fingers for a richer color.
  • Draw white lines with a fine tip brush on the ring finger.
  • Apply a dark blue glitter on the white nails.
  • Put some red color on a plastic bag or a piece of paper.
  • Using a big nail dotting tool, make two red dots on the blue nails.
  • Using a small nail dotting tool shape a little heart.
  • Apply a second layer of the dark blue glitter on the white nails.
  • After everything is completely dry, apply a top coat on each nail, to make the colors last longer.
  • Apply a hand oil to your hands to soften them after using polish around your cuticles.

Patriotic Nail Designs for Memorial Day or July 4


Other patriotic nail options

There are lots of easy amazing patriotic nail designs on Pinterest and other sites. You can keep it as simple as alternating red, white and blue nails.

Or, you can try a simple gold star on a navy blue nail. Why not do one accent nail and the rest a solid red? Or, try something more complicated like fireworks

These would match perfectly with these patriotic shirts.

But, if you want something a little bit easier, you might want to try one of these. You can find an American stars and stripes design here.

Check out my thoughts on the Glossybox Stars and Stripes.

More easy nail designs

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