Patriotic Nail Designs

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I’m the first person to admit that when it comes to nail polish, I’m a novice. I wear polish but I have never experimented with nail art or designs at all.  When I received a patriotic manicure kit from Glossybox, I knew that I needed to figure out some simple patriotic nail designs that even a novice could manage. This post contains affiliate links.

Easy patriotic nail design #glossyUSA

Patriotic Nail Designs

Start by removing all of your existing polish and applying a protective base coat.  Trim your cuticles and file your nails.  I started with StrangeBeautiful nail polish due in red and navy and applied it alternating colors. After letting it dry completely, I taped off the very tips of each nail with tape and applied a clear nail polish. Then I quickly sprinkled on the glitter and let it dry completely.  After it dried, I applied another clear coat of nail polish & removed the tape.

Patriotic nail designs diy

The results should have been amazing… should have. I got the directions from a beauty blogger who does lovely nails. I obviously lack that skill because the result was not lovely. So I started over.

Remove all the nail polish and clean up the glitter that is all over everywhere.  Paint every nail red except your pointer finger. Paint that one navy. Let dry completely. Don’t rush. It has to be completely dry. Paint your ringer finger with a clear coat of nail polish and quickly roll it around in the glitter. Apply another coat of clear nail polish and roll it around some more. Finish with one more coat and allow to dry completely.

The result is cute. It’s not one of those patriotic nail designs that you need years of experience to manage but the end result is still a fun look for any patriotic holiday. I definitely had fun with this one even though I made a huge mess.  Make sure that you sign up for Glossybox so you can receive a monthly subscription beauty box full of amazing products. This nail polish is featured in every June box. Sign up below.




22 thoughts on “Patriotic Nail Designs”

  1. Oh yes! This reminds me, I need to think of my nail game for July 4th! Great tutorial – will probably create one myself for July 4th!


  2. Not bad! I suck at nails, dont have the skill or patience, and never even bother to do them, I also hate the smell of them :p

    • Thanks, Michelle! It’s definitely not as easy as I hoped but I am going to keep practicing.

  3. I really love the look of that polish. I can’t wait until my Glossybox gets here!!

  4. I like glitter but I’m afraid I would not take the time for this. I am lucky to get polish on. I wore more nail polish and cared more about my nails before nursing so maybe that’s it. I like to look at other people’s nails though!

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