Best Patriotic Shirts and Tops to Wear this Year

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Last Updated on December 29, 2017 by Ellen Christian

Today I’m sharing the best patriotic shirts I’ve discovered from a few of my favorite retailers. Memorial Day and July 4th will be here before you know it. For us, that means parades, picnics, cookouts, and family events. Some years, I created my own patriotic shirt by sponge painting or sewing strips of fabric. This year, I just cannot seem to find the time to be that crafty and may resort to buying a shirt for our family cookout instead. This post contains affiliate links.

Best Patriotic Shirts and Tops to Wear this Year

Best Patriotic Shirts and Tops to Wear this Year

There are a number of different types of patriotic shirts you can find from the standard white shirt with an American Flag to something a bit more subtle. Realistically, you can always pair your favorite blue jeans with a classic white tee and a red bandana if you don’t want to add something new to your wardrobe. If you’re like me, and don’t happen to have a white tee and a red bandana, a few of these ideas may work for you instead:

[prosperInsert q=”red white blue shirt women” gtm=”merchant” v=”list” id=”Charles_Tyrwhitt_Women’s_semi-fitted_cotton_floral_print_sky_and_blue_shirt~” ft=”fetchProducts” imgt=”original” fb=”Charles_Tyrwhitt_Women’s_semi-fitted_cotton_floral_print_sky_and_blue_shirtquery_red white blue shirt women_~” ni=”true”][/prosperInsert]

Women’s semi-fitted cotton floral print sky and blue shirt by Charles Tyrwhitt – This is a subtle blue floral print that could easily be paired with a red scarf and white jeans. It’s not so patriotic that you couldn’t easily wear it for the rest of the year. It’s also semi-fitted so it flatters your figure without being so tight that it shows off those spots you’d rather not show off.

[prosperInsert q=”sweater flag” gtm=”merchant” v=”list” id=”Women’s_American_Flag_Sweater_by_Tipsy_Elves~” ft=”fetchProducts” imgt=”original” ni=”true”][/prosperInsert]
Women’s American flag sweater – For those of us in the north, this women’s American flag sweater is the perfect choice for a cooler Memorial Day or an evening event. It’s perfect to bring along for tailgating parties or even firework displays.
[prosperInsert q=”flag tank” gtm=”merchant” v=”list” id=”Women’s_American_Flag_Tank_Top_by_Tipsy_Elves~” ft=”fetchProducts” imgt=”original” fb=”Women’s_American_Flag_Tank_Top_by_Tipsy_Elvesquery_flag tank_~” ni=”true”][/prosperInsert]
Women’s faded American flag tank top – I love the distressed look and this faded American flag tank top is ideal for those expecting hot summer weather. You can pair this shirt with jeans, capris or shorts. If it’s cool out, you can always wear a red, white or blue sweater over it and then remove it as the temperature warms up.
[prosperInsert q=”patriotic top” gtm=”merchant” v=”list” id=”Sequined_Patriotic_Top~” ft=”fetchProducts” imgt=”original” fb=”Sequined_Patriotic_Topquery_patriotic top_~” ni=”true”][/prosperInsert]

Sequined patriotic women’s top – If you want something a bit dressier, this sequined Patriotic women’s top may be just the answer. This sequinned top is still casual enough to work with a pair of blue jeans but could be dressed up to wear with navy slacks or a denim skirt as well.

[prosperInsert q=”patriotic dress” gtm=”merchant” v=”list” id=”All_Over_American_Flag_Patriotic_Tunic_Dress~” ft=”fetchProducts” imgt=”original” fb=”All_Over_American_Flag_Patriotic_Tunic_Dressquery_patriotic dress_~” ni=”true”][/prosperInsert]

All Over American Flag Patriotic Tunic Dress – If you’d rather not wear pants and a top, you can always opt for a patriotic tunic dress. This cut will suit just about any figure while still being cool and comfortable.

Remember that real American flags should never be worn as clothing or draped over you. If you want a shirt with a flag on it, please make on yourself using fabric paint or strips of fabric. Never alter an American flag into a shirt or any other article of clothing.

If a patriotic shirt isn’t quite your things, you can always opt for a hat, shoes or even a cute bracelet or earring set instead. How about patriotic eyeshadow or a patriotic nail design?

Resources for a patriotic look:

[prosperInsert q=”patriotic jewelry” gtm=”merchant” v=”list” id=”Sanuk_-_Yoga_Sling_Patriot_(Patriotic_Kaleidoscope)_Women’s_Sandals~Keds_Champion_Patriotic_Canvas_Oxford_Shoes_-_Red_-_9.5_-_Keds~Bling_Jewelry_Patriotic_Sterling_USA_American_Flag_Star_Dangle_Charm_Fit_Pandora~Bling_Jewelry_Patriotic_Sterling_Silver_Dangling_Star_Necklace~” ft=”fetchProducts” imgt=”original” fb=”Sanuk_-_Yoga_Sling_Patriot_(Patriotic_Kaleidoscope)_Women’s_Sandalsquery_patriotic shoes_~Keds_Champion_Patriotic_Canvas_Oxford_Shoes_-_Red_-_9.5_-_Kedsquery_patriotic shoes_~Bling_Jewelry_Patriotic_Sterling_USA_American_Flag_Star_Dangle_Charm_Fit_Pandoraquery_patriotic jewelry_~Bling_Jewelry_Patriotic_Sterling_Silver_Dangling_Star_Necklacequery_patriotic jewelry_~” ni=”true”][/prosperInsert]

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