Halloween Eye Makeup Using Eyeshadow

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Have you ever wondered about Halloween eye makeup ideas that don’t use traditional Halloween makeup? I’d prefer not to buy a bunch of Halloween makeup that I will only use once a year. I’d rather get an eyeshadow palette that I can use over and over again.

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Halloween Eye Makeup Ideas Using Regular Eyeshadow

Halloween Eye Makeup Ideas

Halloween is all about a fun costume and cool makeup ideas. Whether you want to be a vampire, a witch, Cleopatra or a Pan Am Stewardess, it’s important that your makeup matches your costume. But, that doesn’t mean that you need to buy Halloween makeup.

Have you ever wondered about Halloween eye makeup ideas that don't use traditional Halloween makeup?

The final makeup look can make any costume much more impactful. Let the NEW Rimmel London Magnif’Eyes palettes take your eye candy to the next level with their three new color palettes: Electric Violet, Crimson and Jewel Rocks!

With a mix of 12 high-shimmer and matte shadows, the frightful creations are endless. The new non-crease, non-fade formula will stay looking sharp in even the most haunted of houses.

Halloween Eye Makeup Ideas Using Regular Eyeshadow

Bride of the Dead

Black is the perfect color for any sort of bride of the dead costume. You can find all sorts of black, grey and purple shades in the Rimmel London Magnif’Eyes Electric Violet Edition.

Rimmel London Magnif’Eyes

Clown, Superhero or Anime

Would you rather go cute than scary? If so, why not a clown, superhero or your favorite anime character? You’ll want bright blues and pinks for that type of costume. You can find a variety of blues and pinks in the Rimmel London Magnif’Eyes Jewel Rocks Edition.

Halloween Eye Makeup Ideas Using Regular Eyeshadow

Vampires and More

Of course, you can dress up as a vampire, lady of the night, bride of Frankenstine or any other type of creepy Halloween character. Purples and pinks are perfect choices for these types of costumes.

There are lots of different Halloween ideas. If you’re still not sure what you want to be, how about:

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