Tips to Find the Perfect Halloween Costume

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The leaves are changing and that means that Halloween and hay rides will be here soon. Have you found the perfect Halloween costume yet? 

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Tips to Find the Perfect Halloween Costume

Tips to Find the Perfect Halloween Costume

The kids are too old to go trick or treating now, but occasionally someone needs to dress up for work or a Halloween party. When that happens, I want to be prepared.

Finding the perfect Halloween costume isn’t an easy task when it’s for your child. When you need to find a Halloween costume for yourself, it can be even more challenging.

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There are so many fun Halloween parties out there to attend. I want to be certain that no one is going to show up in the same costume that I do!

There would be nothing worse in my mind than having two people dressed as Cinderella at the same Halloween party!

Here are a few tips to help you choose the costume that’s best for you.

woman dressed as a cowgirl for Halloween


Be realistic about your budget. Halloween costumes can be expensive if you head to a party store. You may be able to find one at a thrift or consignment store that’s more affordable.

Or, you can always make your own Halloween costume. Vampires, ghosts, and witches tend to be fairly simple to create from scratch. Or, why not a cowgirl?

Halloween costumes inspired by movies you can make


I’m all about loving the body we have, but we do need to be realistic finding a costume that fits. Years ago, I wanted to wear a sexy pirate costume but every single costume I found was too large in the cleavage area for me to fill out.

I ended up choosing a different costume rather than trying to modify the costume. Audrey Hepburn is an easy look to recreate.

Halloween costumes inspired by movies - zombie


In Vermont, Halloween technically comes in the fall but it’s not unusual to have snow on the ground. If you plan on being outside rather than inside where it’s warm, you may want to consider how warm your costume will be.

Nobody wants to be picking their way through snow banks in high heels and a short skirt. A zombie costume would be much easier.

woman dressed in a black and white Halloween costume with a knife

Your Partner

Are you going alone or with your partner to a party? If you want to dress as a couple, you need to consider what your partner wants to wear.

You may have your heart set on being Raggedy Ann but if your partner doesn’t want to be Andy, you may need to choose a different costume.

A few fun ideas are Peter Pan and Tinkerbell, Kermit and Miss Piggy or Herman Munster and Lily.

When considering your Halloween costume, don’t overlook the obvious solutions. Do you have your graduation gown? An old prom gown you still fit into? The Santa Costume you wore to your last office party? All of those things will work.

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  1. It’s always best to think about a costume early since it is so hard to choose! I usually like to try to cover up too, but I do agree its more fun to be something a little sexy! I think I might try to go for something more revealing as well like a sexy little red riding hood!


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