5 Tips to Save Money on Winter Clothes

Last Updated on October 31, 2019 by Ellen Christian

Being able to save money on winter clothes means that I can get more bang for my fashion budget.  I love buying new clothes and accessories but I need to watch what I’m spending on my clothes each year. My goal is to add high-quality clothing to my closet that will really last rather than just buy things that are on sale whether I need them or not. 

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5 Tips to Save Money on Winter Clothes

Save Money on Winter Clothes

There are a number of ways to save money on winter clothes. These are a few that work for me and my family. You will need to experiment to find out which ones are best for your family. Keep in mind that different things will work for children who will outgrow their clothing quickly than for adults who will not.

Thrift and Consignment Stores

Be picky but it is definitely possible to find fantastic deals at thrift stores if you know what to look for.  Find the thrift stores in wealthier towns near you.  One of my favorite thrift stores has a rack of the higher end brands like Fendi and Michael Kors.  That is the first place I check when I visit because these brands tend to last much longer than discount store brands.

Clearance Racks

I trained my kids from an early age to look for the red clearance signs on racks in their favorite stores and check there first. Thankfully, that lesson stuck with them and they continue to do it to this day. Looking for clearance racks even in more upscale stores like Neiman Marcus and Bloomingdales will let you save money on winter clothes from brands you may not be able to afford otherwise.


Buy Off Season

Don’t buy winter clothes right before winter starts.  Buy them at the end of the season for next year. You’ll save lots that way. You may not necessarily know what you need that far in advance. However, stocking up on essentials like gloves, white dress shirts or winter tights will ensure you have replacements when you need them.

Earn Cash Back

Earn cash back when you shop your favorite sites online by using a site like eBates. Find coupon codes and more all in one place. I also use iBotta to earn money back on purchases. You can also shop through sites my MyPoints to earn points back that you can convert into gift cards.

Shop Daily Deal Sites

Daily deal sites like Zulily can save money on winter clothes. They typically offer one or two rock bottom deals per day.  Sign up for their alerts to get them before they are gone.

8 thoughts on “5 Tips to Save Money on Winter Clothes”

  1. Excellent tips. One of my classmates would regularly shop a thrift shops and found quite a few good purchases, including a brand name shirt which was new with tags.
    I’ve found for “must have” items in stores, you can sign up for store coupons or flash sale notifications. They have 25-40% off just arrived items. This way I get my size and get first pick for items.

  2. Great ideas!  I love shopping thrift stores and bargain stores for finds.  If there’s an item I feel I must have before it’s on sale, I’ll scour the internet for the best coupon and cash back combination to at least save a little. 

  3. I have the best luck finding deals while shopping on the off season. We really don’t have much of a change in seasons here in Southern California. I found a few deals last week when I replaced my old ratty black hoodie and pants with a nice pair from Cabela’s, a few dollar shirts, and even found some bandanas for the folks at less than a dollar each. They sold out of most items within hours so I was at the right place at the right time on those deals and even had free shipping that day. I love buying quality clothes on sale.

  4. These are some great ideas. You can usually find some great sales on winter close at the end of the season.

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