Easy Retro Halloween Costumes

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There is just something fun about putting together a retro Halloween costume. Check out these simple retro dress up ideas that will work for Halloween.

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Easy retro Halloween costumes

Easy Retro Halloween Costumes

When I was younger, one of my favorite movies of all times was Grease. I loved the characters, the music, and the way they dressed. It’s not difficult or expensive to put together a few retro Halloween costumes.

If you love shopping through the vintage clothing section at your local thrift or consignment store, you’ll see plenty of examples of retro or vintage clothing. Putting together retro Halloween costumes is simply a matter of finding a few styles that look good on you to create a costume.

Colonial Woman

Find a long navy, black, or brown dress and top it with a white apron. Add a pair of sturdy shoes and a white wig for accent.


Black pants, a shiny gold shirt and lots and lots of gold chains. If you’re a man, slick back your hair and add sunglasses.

3 women wearing 1950s clothes


A full skirt with or without an appliqued white poodle, a white blouse, bobby socks and saddle shoes.


Leg warmers, skinny jeans, crop top, big 1980’s hair, a studded necklace, and bubble gum.


Bell bottom jeans, platform shoes, and a tie-dye t-shirt. Add a bandana and sunglasses to finish the look.

woman dressed as a flapper


A black sheath dress, fishnet tights, low heels, a fur wrap, and long slinky gloves.

Don’t be afraid to have fun with this. Ask your parents if they have anything in their closets that they were holding on to that you could use for your costume.  If you’re crafty, see what you can create yourself when putting together your outfit.  Find a few vintage television programs to watch to get more ideas for your Halloween costume.

Which one of these easy retro Halloween costumes is your favorite?

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Easy retro Halloween costumes

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