5 Disney Fashion Tips from Ursula the Sea Witch

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We all have our fashion inspiration. Maybe you’d secretly love to look like Gwyneth Paltrow or Meryl Streep. Maybe you love Tyra Banks fashion and beauty tips. Me, I look for Disney fashion tips from Ursula the Sea Witch. Why Ursula?

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5 Disney Fashion Tips from Ursula the Sea Witch

Disney Fashion Tips from Ursula the Sea Witch

If you aren’t familiar with Ursula the Sea Witch, I’ll explain. Ursula is the evil sorceress from the Disney movie, The Little Mermaid. She longs for King Triton’s powers and tries to trick his daughter, Ariel, to get them. Why is Ursula my fashion inspiration?

  • She embraces her grey hair. No dye jobs for her. She wears her grey with pride and uses a shampoo made for grey hair to avoid yellow tones.
  • She’s proud of her curves. Despite a few extra pounds, she’s not afraid to show off her curves in a slinky black dress. She knows black is slimming.
  • She knows a smokey eye is the best way to get noticed and uses a gel eyeliner to avoid a jagged look on her bottom eye line.
  • She knows every outfit needs a statement necklace. You’ll never see her without that gorgeous gold seashell necklace.
  • She knows the power of red lipstick. Red lipstick is a sign of self-confidence and draws people’s attention to you.

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5 Disney Fashion Tips from Ursula the Sea Witch

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5 Disney Fashion Tips from Ursula the Sea Witch

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