10 Modest Halloween Costumes for Women over 40

Last Updated on August 22, 2022 by Ellen Christian

Are you looking for modest Halloween costumes? If some of the Halloween costumes make you shudder at how much skin they show, you aren’t alone. Necklines plunge too low and hemlines rise too high. Slits in the skirts make me want to wear a pair of pants underneath most of the Halloween costumes I find in the store. I think that stores forget that not everyone feels comfortable showing off quite that much skin. Do you really want to wear a super revealing Halloween costume to the office Halloween party? I know I don’t.  

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10 Modest Halloween Costumes for Women over 40

10 Modest Halloween Costumes for Women over 40

Thankfully, I have found some modest Halloween costumes that will work for me without making me look like my Grandmother. Who says you cannot be modest and cute at the same time? I really love the flapper costume. I can see myself wearing that one for Halloween. We had a hard frost already this month so I think that I might need to find a Halloween costume that is a bit warmer this year. I think we are in for an early winter.

It’s a tough choice for me between I Love Lucy and Where’s Waldo. I am a huge fan of Lucille Ball so I’d love to do the I Love Lucy costume but I think walking around in heels all night would probably destroy my back. Where’s Waldo would be not only warm but much more comfortable to wear if there is any amount of walking to be done on Halloween.

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My husband thinks I should do the chicken costume but I think I’ll pass on that one. Maybe I can convince him to wear that one instead? If you’re looking for modest Halloween costumes, I hope that some of these costume ideas will work for you this year.

  1. OITNB (Orange is the New Black) – Who hasn’t watched the Orange is the New Black Netflix series? This costume is sure to generate new script ideas for season 3. Comfortable too! 
  2. Comic Book Girl – Check out this cute costume and find a ton of Comic Girl makeup tutorials & nail art ideas on Pinterest.
  3. Chicken Kigurumi – Fun, casual and super cozy. What’s not to like about a Kigurumi onesie as a Halloween costume? You can slip right into bed once the party’s over. See all the fun choices (kid sizes too).
  4. Classic Flapper – The 1920’s flapper Halloween costume is an eternal classic. And now, with even more timely given the Boardwalk Empire HBO show, whether you want to make that reference or not. A sexy but not oversexed costume. 
  5. Where’s Waldo? – Or should we say Where’s Wanda? Add your own jeans and sneakers and you’re good to go. Maybe get the Waldo version for your date. 
  6. Disco Queen – The perfect excuse to get yourself on the dance floor. And to demand dance-able music all night long. Go ahead! Channel your inner Donna Summer with this 1970’s Disco queen costume. 
  7. Love Child – Peace & Love dude! It’s Woodstock all over again. Best part? You get to wear flat, ergonomic sandals all night in this Halloween costume. 
  8. Lunch Lady – Lunch ladies have traumatized many of us. Now it’s your turn with this Lunch Lady Halloween costume. Scary enough? 
  9. Atlantis Goddess – One to appreciate the myths of Atlantis? You are totally entitled to make up your own goddess tall tales while wearing this Atlantis Goddess costume for Halloween. 
  10. I Love Lucy – We all love Lucy. Remember the Vitameatavegamin skit? Your prop? a DIY “Vitameatavegamin” label that you can stick on a bottle of cod liver oil. A different kind of horror for Halloween.

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  1. These are all great,  I’m going with my daughter and her friends and I love the Orange is the New Black one and the Lucille Ball is the absolute best.  Thanks for the inspiration!  Happy Halloween


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