Deck the Halls with Sparkly Nail Polish!

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Fa la la la la la la la la! No? Well that’s how it goes in my house! I love nail polish. It just puts a little bit of glam and glitter in what could prove to be an otherwise boring day. It dresses up my outfit. It improves my mood. It makes me feel pampered and pretty. I may be washing dishes but I have glam!

Know what I don’t like? Nail polishes that start chipping off the same day I put them on! I have tried tons of different types of nail polishes from the .99c cheapo polishes to the $15 a bottle polishes. I haven’t yet found a nail polish to beat the Dazzle Dry line of polishes. They have real staying power.

Dazzle Dry is a nail system. It includes a Nail Prep, Base Coat, Nail Lacquer and Top Coat. It’s this system that allows your manicure to dry completely in only five minutes! After all, who has time to hang out for 20 minutes fanning your nails to make sure they’re dry? I can spare five minutes. Twenty I’m not so sure about.

Dazzle Dry has a full range of amazing colors to make your nails sparkle and shine. If you’re looking for something sedate, check out Alluring Charm which is a creamy pale pink. If you want to put some wow in your evening, you need to check out their newest nail lacquers, the Jewel Effect line. The Jewel Effect line of nail lacquers includes Blue Topaz, Citrine, Diamond and Ruby. Jewel Effects contain tiny holographic sparkles combined with amazing sheer shine to make your nails stand out and be noticed. You will be seriously rocking the sparkles with these polishes. The cool thing about Jewel Effects is that you can wear them as a stand alone nail lacquer which will result in a super shine with tons of colored sparkles or you can wear them over another nail lacquer if you want sparkles on top of color.

If you’re looking for a nail system that will last as long as a professional manicure, look no further. Dazzle dry has the colors and the staying power that a frugal socialite can trust.  You can connect with Dazzle Dry on Facebook.

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