Remove Sparkle Nail Polish Easily

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Do you love wearing glitter nail polish? If you do, you might be wondering if there is an easy way to remove sparkle nail polish. I know it can be a huge hassle when it comes time to remove it.

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Remove Sparkle Nail Polish With These Simple Tips

Remove Sparkle Nail Polish 

If you’ve been trying to remove sparkle nail polish the same way you remove regular polish, it won’t work. So, don’t waste your time.

You’ll just end up rubbing and rubbing with very little success. And, you will still have glitter left on your nails when you don’t want to.

Why is it so hard to remove glitter nail polish?

Glitter nail polish is made with a glue-like material that helps the glitter and the polish stick together so it doesn’t flake off when you apply it.

This glue-like material makes it more difficult to remove sparkle nail polish once it’s been applied.

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Is it bad to wear nail polish all the time?

It’s always a good idea to give your nails a breathing period when you can. But, if you are buying a good quality nail polish, it’s generally not bad to wear nail polish all the time.

It is actually the acetone in nail polish that is more damaging to your nails so go easy on how many times you change your polish color.

Does vinegar remove nail polish?

Nope sorry. Neither vinegar or lemon juice will remove any type of nail polish. This just does not work. The only thing it might do is loose the polish a little bit so you can pick it off easier.

But, since picking off your polish is not good for your nail bed or your cuticles, I would not recommend it. Check out the best essential oils for cuticles

The easiest thing to use to remove nail polish is a traditional nail polish remover. If you’re stuck with no nail polish remover, I have heard that rubbing alcohol will take off nail polish with a lot of rubbing.

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Glitter nail polish remover hack

To remove sparkle nail polish, you will need these things to get started.

Remove Sparkle Nail Polish With These Simple Tips #nailpolish #beautytips

So, if you’re wondering how to remove sparkle nail polish, there is an easy solution. You will want to use traditional acetone-based nail polish remover and cotton balls to remove as much of the polish as possible. Then, once you have finished, take the cotton ball and soak it with nail polish remover. Place the wet cotton ball on top of your nail. And wrap your finger in aluminum foil. 

If it’s warm outside, go out and sit in the sunshine for five minutes. If it’s not warm out, hold your fingers in the palm of your hand to warm them up. The heat helps speed up the process of removing the nail polish.  After five minutes, take the aluminum foil and the cotton ball off your finger. Wipe away any residual polish and glitter. 

Since this process can be a bit hard on your nails, put on a strengthening nail treatment afterward. And, apply argan oil to your nails and cuticles so they don’t dry out.

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How to get glitter nail polish off toes

The process is exactly the same for your toes as it is for your fingernails. It might be a bit more awkward to wrap the aluminum foil around your toes or hold them to keep them warm. But, the process works the same way.

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