How to Choose Perfect Wedding Makeup

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Choosing the perfect wedding makeup, hair and dress is just part of preparing for that special day. Check out these tips right now.

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Wedding makeup is different than the makeup you wear every day. It needs to last all day, even when you’re stressed out or overheated, and it needs to look good in your wedding photos both inside and out.

Choosing the perfect wedding makeup, hair and dress is just part of preparing for that special day. Check out these tips right now.

How to Choose The Perfect Wedding Makeup

While you should definitely invest in the best wedding makeup you can afford, you don’t need to go crazy and spend your entire budget on high-end brands. Check online for reviews to see which brands actually get the best reviews. Sephora has a great selection at reasonable prices.

Should I do my own makeup for my wedding?

If you’re confident that you know how to apply it properly and have it last, there is no reason you can’t do your own makeup. But, for many people hiring a makeup pro is easier than trying to make the perfect look on their own.

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How can I make my wedding makeup last?

  • Take your time.
  • Control oil and shine.
  • Choose waterproof products
  • Use lip stain and not lipstick
  • Always use a primer
  • Use a finishing spray

Best product choices

Face Primer – Even if you don’t typically wear a face primer, you’ll want to invest in one for your wedding. The right primer will help hide imperfects, lines, and redness. Your foundation will go on more smoothly and the primer will help minimize shine.

Foundation – Opt for a full coverage foundation to cover any imperfections in your skin. Choose an oil-free blend to prevent a shiny face during photos.
How to choose the perfect wedding makeup

Cover up – Choose a concealer stick that will allow you to touch up any blemishes throughout the day. Be certain to choose an option that doesn’t require a brush or sponge to make on the spot application easy.

Eye Primer or Base – Face primer isn’t intended to be used on your eyes and can cause your eyeshadow to crease. A good eye primer or base will stop your eyeshadow from creasing which will help everything stay blended and smooth. Don’t forget an eye serum to control bags and wrinkles.

Bronzer or Blush – Depending on your complexion, you may not need both bronzer and blush. Opt for a powder to avoid shiny photos much the same way you do for your foundation. Choose a soft natural shade to give your skin a sun-kissed look without being too heavy.

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Eyeshadow – Keep your eyeshadow light and soft so it can take you through the entire day easily. If you choose a palette with a range of colors, you’re more likely to be able to create one cohesive look than if you buy several different individual shadows.

Eyeliner. For a smooth look, opt for a gel eyeliner with a fine tip. Always look for waterproof eyeliner to prevent the raccoon look.

Choosing the perfect wedding makeup, hair and dress is just part of preparing for that special day. Check out these tips right now.

Mascara – Mascara is another product that needs to be waterproof in case of crying. To be safe, experiment with false eyelashes for a smudge-proof look when deciding on your perfect wedding makeup.

Lips – Choose similar lip and nail polish colors when creating your look. Look for lip products that don’t bleed and help them stay put by applying powder to your lips first.

Nails – For a natural understated look, try a French manicure but instead of the traditional white, use silver tips. It will glam up your wedding look without being over the top.

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More information for your perfect day

Don’t forget to create your wedding registry.

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  1. These are great tips! My daughter just got married last month, she’s a cosmetologist so she did her own makeup. She did a great job & looked beautiful of course. I did my own makeup for my wedding 26 years ago, I look back at pics & think “eww”. 🙂


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