5 Spring Fashion Trends

Last Updated on April 9, 2023 by Ellen Christian

I love the spring fashion trends this year and I’ve already started to think about which ones I need to add to my spring shopping list. While I don’t redo my wardrobe to follow the latest trends, I do enjoy adding a few pieces to round out what I’ll be wearing. 

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5 Spring Fashion Trends You Need to Follow Now

5 Spring Fashion Trends You Need to Follow Now

My traditional wardrobe tends to be made up of classic colors like navy, black, brown, and maroon. I find that I can mix and match these pieces to create a number of different looks without collecting too many different pieces that I won’t end up wearing that often.

After checking out the Spring Fashion Week collection online, I was excited to find that a number of the spring trends were fairly realistic and ones that I could easily see myself wearing regularly. Sometimes the latest trends are a bit “out there” for your average woman, but we lucked out this year with a few cute trends.

5 Budget Friendly Spring Fashion Trends for a pear shaped figure

As a woman who carries a bit more weight in my hips than I do in my bust (pear-shaped), I was excited to find these styles that are just perfect for the pear-shaped figure. They drape gently across the hip area which helps disguise any added weight. Most of them are flowing rather than figure hugging which is always an added bonus.

I love Armani because his pieces tend to be tailored and sophisticated. While it’s not a style I wear a lot right now that I work at home, when I was in an office every day, it’s one I admired.

Color blocking

This year, he showed off several cute pieces that were all about red, white, and blue stripes. Don’t worry, you don’t need to dress head to toe in a flag design to pull this off.

Here are a few cute pieces I’ll be trying that you can afford on any budget.

5 Spring Fashion Trends You Need to Follow Now

Color Block Shoulder Bag | Chiffon T-shirt


Long and flowing

If you’re not into red, white and blue, don’t worry. There are a lot of other fun spring trends you can follow this year. I’ve always admired Salvatore Ferragamo even though a few of his ideas are a bit too on trend for me.

This year, I loved the long, flowing look of several of his dresses. A-lines are flattering to so many body types. Here are a few affordable ways to show off the long, flowing look.

5 Spring Fashion Trends You Need to Follow Now

Round Neck Maxi Dress | Patchwork Maxi Dress


Large floral patterns

Dolce & Gabbana showed off some gorgeous large floral patterns this year. While I envy the ability of women who can pull this look off, it’s not one that I wear easily.

I do think that these pieces are traditional enough for me to incorporate into my wardrobe.

5 Spring Fashion Trends You Need to Follow Now

Floral T-shirt | Floral Patchwork T-shirt

Animal prints

Versace showed off a love for animal prints this year and while I admire the look, it’s not one I’ll be embracing completely.

I do love a few animal print accessories but a head-to-toe animal print outfit is just not me. These should be easy enough for most women to pull off:

Mesh Print T-shirt | Leopard Patent Leather Purse

Mermaid dresses

Emilio Pucci featured several mermaid dresses that were absolutely stunning. While not every figure can pull off a mermaid style, this should be fairly flattering for many women. A great choice for that spring party!

Absorbing Mermaid Dress 

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  1. Like you, my wardrobe is also comprised of mostly classic colors, especially black, but I happen to adore animal print, so I am thrilled to see that listed as a trend this year. I would totally wear that color block top as well.

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