Shopping Smart for the Holidays for Fashion Deals

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This post on shopping smart for the holidays will help you update your look without blowing your budget. There are so many things that I want to spend my money on during the holidays. I love buying for everyone on my list. And, I love to update my decor with a few special holiday splurges. But, most of all I love shopping for a new holiday look.

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Shopping Smart for the Holidays to Update Your Look

Shopping Smart for the Holidays

Shopping smart for the holidays doesn’t have to be difficult. It’s simply a matter of deciding what your budget is and then sticking to it. Take a look at your total holiday budget.

This should include home decor, presents, and holiday fashions for yourself. Write it down so you can refer to it as you shop.

When it comes to shopping smart for the holidays, one of the most important things to remember is to stick with the classics or basics.

Purchasing a high quality basic whether that means a little black dress or a high-quality winter jacket ensures your large expense purchases will last the longest.

This stylish stacking ring is one of my favorite classic jewelry pieces. It goes well with these gorgeous rhinestone earrings that complement any outfit.

stylish woman dressed for the cold weather

These items will stay in style for many years. So, you will spend the largest portion of your budget on classic items that last. You can then use the remainder of your budget to shop for more trendy pieces.

These pieces will be replaced more frequently. But, since they are less expensive they’ll have a smaller impact on your overall budget.

You can easily wear a trendy leopard pattern scarf instead of basic ivory. That’s shopping smart!

a beautiful woman wearing makeup

How can I stay on budget during the holidays?

The most important thing is to start with a plan for shopping smart. Before you spend anything, be sure you know exactly what you have to work with. And, be sure you have decided what your budget is for each item. Choose quality over quantity.

Make sure that you include everything from the largest gift to that new tube of lip gloss. Shop online and look for the best deals on the items you need to buy.

How can I save money on holiday shopping?

The best way to save money on holiday shopping is to look for deals. Another great idea is to look for ways to earn money back. This can involve the credit card you shop with or shopping with apps to earn points on your spending.

If you’ll be shopping for holiday beauty and fashion items, consider becoming a Stella and Dot stylist. You can become a Stella and Dot stylist and then earn money back when friends shop your styles. 

rose quartz agate wellness stone

Affordable pieces that compliment your style

I always look for affordable pieces that I can wear in a variety of different ways. This stunning rose quartz agate wellness stone can be worn on any mesh or leather bracelet, multi-chain necklaces, and pendants.

It’s a wonderful way to update your holiday style and stick to your resolve for shopping smart. And, best of all, it’s not something you can only wear during the holidays. It would look just as cute with your favorite spring fashions.

This post on shopping smart for the holidays will help you update your look without blowing your budget. #Christmasshopping #Christmasdeals


How do you shop smarter?

It’s easy to get carried away with your holiday shopping. But, don’t be seduced by holiday deals and sparkling Christmas lights.

Start with a plan for shopping smart and stick to it. Know yourself and what you will really use. Don’t be seduced by free when you buy items.

It’s not saving money if you have to spend it to receive the freebie. If the item wasn’t already on your list, be prepared to leave it in the store.

Just remember that spending money is not saving money. Stick to your budget and spend only on what you have planned for.

Don’t let the flashy signs and holiday music seduce you into spending more money than you hand-planned on. Learn to say no to impulse buys and look for great deals online.

And, if you’re looking for a way to earn more money this holiday season, check out the details and learn how to become a Stella and Dot stylist this year.

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