Monochromatic Red Look

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Considering a monochromatic red look? A monochromatic fashion definition is: wearing pieces of the same or similar colors and tones together. 

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Monochromatic Red Look for a Chic Afternoon Style

Monochromatic Red Look

Have you ever noticed that both dark and light blue almost always go together? Or, how stylish black and grey look when you combine them into one look? Those are both examples of monochromatic looks. It’s an effortlessly chic way to put together an outfit.

Red is a gorgeous color on almost any woman. The key is knowing whether or not you need a warm or cool shade of red next to your face. The woman at the top of this article is wearing a cool shade of red. This type of red looks best with my complexion. However, if you have a warmer complexion, you’ll want to choose a red more similar to the one below.

Monochromatic Red Look for a Chic Afternoon Style

What does a monochromatic look mean?

It means that your entire outfit from top to bottom is one color. Check out these tips for pulling this fashion statement off.

Is it OK to wear monochrome?

The key to a monochromatic red look is to combine more than one piece of similar shades together. That can be a red blouse, pants, and darker red shoes; a bright red dress and pale red scarf; or a red jacket over a maroon pantsuit.

Don’t forget to include red jewelry, bag and nail polish in your look.

Monochromatic Red Look for a Chic Afternoon Style

If you feel that you can’t wear red makeup, it’s perfectly alright to keep your makeup neutral. Instead, you can add a fun monochromatic red look to your nails like the one below.

Whether you’re spending Valentine’s Day with a significant other or watching rom-coms with your BFF, nothing’s more festive than a pink or red manicure.

Show your hands some love with these fun Valentine’s Day-inspired nail ideas from beauty expert, Skyy Hadley to take your look to the next level. Learn how to choose your perfect red.

Monochromatic Red Look for a Chic Afternoon Style
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Monochromatic nails

A couple things you must know about painting your nails/tips when executing this trend:

  • Always use a base coat
  • Stay away from quick-dry nail polish (it dehydrates and can dry out your nails)
  • Apply cuticle oil religiously
  • Hold your hands under cold water post paint job
  • Apply thin, not thick, coats of polish
  • Always use a top coat

You can try these same tips with any monochromatic pink outfit as well.

Do you have any other monochromatic outfit ideas?

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