How to Look Your Best the Morning After

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Wondering how to look your best the morning after? We’ve all been there. You were up all night and you’re feeling it the next day. You’re convinced you’ll never make it through the day and concerned that everyone will be able to tell.  

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How to Look Your Best the Morning After a Long Night

How to Look Your Best the Morning After

Maybe you had a great night out with the girls.  Maybe your boss booked you on a red-eye for that business meeting. Or, maybe the baby kept you up all night. 

There are a few tried and true things that you can do the morning after an all-nighter. They won’t make you feel 100% on top of the world but they will get you through the day and hide the worst of the damage from your boss, coworker or friends.

After your responsibilities are taken care of, head home for a quick power nap and make sure that you don’t pull another all-nighter tomorrow night.  Our bodies can only handle so much. Here are some tips to look your best the morning after.

cold shower

Take a cold shower

Take a shower and give yourself a few minutes to wake up and gather your thoughts. Using cold water is best to shock your system and wake up you. You don’t need to spend a lot of time there. Just a few minutes will invigorate you.

Wash your face and remove any remnants of last night’s make up. Use an exfoliating scrub to wake up your skin and give you a rosy glow. This energizing face scrub has coffee and coconut in it.

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Focus on your face

Place two cold tea bags over your eyes to reduce the puffiness. Yes, it really does work. You need to use traditional black tea that has caffeine for this trick to work. Here’s some information on why teabags help reduce puffy eyes.

Add a few drops of Visine if your eyes are red. Using blue eyeliner on your upper inner lash line will make the whites of your eyes look whiter. Aim for navy blue not bright blue.

Don’t forget the makeup. You’ll look better and feel more confident. Remember to use concealer on the dark circles under your eyes. And, use a tinted moisturizer to hydrate your skin and cover up the worst of the damage. Grab your sunglasses if you need to.

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Pony up your hair

If you have long hair, you’re in luck. Just throw your hair up in a ponytail or a messy bun. If you’re wondering how to look best the morning after with short hair, just do the best you can with the time you have. If your job allows it, wear a hat or a hair scarf.

How to Look Your Best the Morning After a Long Night

Grab a boost of energy

Take a dose of Vitamin C to boost your immune system and ward off illness. When you get run down, you get sick easier. You can either take a vitamin or you can grab an orange juice as you head out the door. You need to look your best the morning after but you also need to feel your best.

If you’ve had a really tough night, make sure to have a coffee or some other form of caffeine before you head out the door. There are caffeinated mints and dietary supplements with caffeine for a boost of energy. Or, these caffeine and electrolyte tablets can help as well.

Drink lots of water

Water will help re-hydrate your skin. And, it will help remove the toxins from your body. Before you leave the house in the morning, make sure that you grab your reusable water bottle and fill it to the top with water.

How to Look Your Best the Morning After a Long Night

Hangover cure

Finally, if you need to recover from too much drinking last night, one of the best things you can do is to try Morning Recovery. It will return electrolytes to your body and boost your liver detox.

So, if you’re wondering how to look your best the morning after, I hope a few of these tips will help.

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