Luscious Lip Colors from Laura Mercier

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I’m really enjoying the gorgeous summer weather we’re having here. It’s one of my favorite times of the year because all of the flowers are in bloom and everything is green. It seems like everywhere I look, something is ready to be picked – from the raspberries on our bushes to the tomatoes in our garden. If you’re enjoying the gorgeous summer weather too, why not treat yourself to a Laura Mercier Stickgloss in one of their fun summer shades.

Luscious Lip Colors from Laura MercierLuscious Lip Colors from Laura Mercier

Luscious Lip Colors from Laura Mercier

I’ve always been impressed with the lip colors from Laura Mercier.  They glide on very smoothly and have a creamy feel to them.  Even after several hours of wear, I don’t notice any bleeding or feathering even when I don’t wear lip liner.  The lip colors from Laura Mercier are lightweight so they don’t feel heavy when I wear them and they aren’t at all drying. My lips always feel moisturized after wearing them.

Lip Colors from Laura Mercier

There are currently thirty four different shades to choose from.  The shades range from the very soft pink of 60’s pink to the dark brown shade of cappuccino. There really is a shade for everyone with this line of lip colors.

As I age, I notice that my lips get dry more often.  When I use lipstick, it’s important the product not be drying or it makes the problem even worse.  With the lip colors from Laura Mercier, I don’t worry about my lips being more dry than usual.

Lip colors from Laura Mercier and other Laura Mercier products can be purchased from stores like Sephora or Macy’s.  Many can also be found on Amazon. Hover your mouse over the picture at the top to find where to purchase these shades.


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  1. These colors are beautiful. I love Laura Mercier makeup. I really would love the Spiced Rose or Angelic colors.

  2. I have the same problem with dry lips, so very rarely wear lipstick. Good to know that Laura Mercier products aren’t drying. I’ll have to give this lipstick a try!

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