Tips to Feel More Confident

Last Updated on July 25, 2022 by Ellen Christian

I’ll let you in on a secret. There are times that I don’t have a lot of self confidence. I know, you’re thinking “Really?” but it’s true.  I have always felt a bit like I don’t really fit in and there are certain times that those feelings are amplified and that can effect my self confidence. I’ve been using these tips to feel more confident when that happens and it seems to be working.

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Tips to feel more confident #savetheundies

Tips to Feel More Confident

I always feel more confident when I look good. There’s just something about mascara, lip gloss and a cute outfit that makes me feel ready to face the world.  I hope that these tips to feel more confident help you as well.

  • Stand up straight and look forward.  No slouching and no looking at the ground when you walk.  Face the world head on.
  • Find something you love about yourself. Your voice, your eyes, your creativity. Pick one thing and focus on that.
  • Smile. Smiling makes you look younger and it makes others smile in return.
  • Say thank you, don’t look for excuses. When someone tells you they love your dress, say “Thanks!” and not “This old thing?”
  • Wear happy colors. When I’m down, I wear more black and grey. Pick a bright shirt or even a bracelet that brings a pop of color to your outfit.
  • Take care of you.  Shower, shave, do your nails, swipe on some lip gloss. Whatever it is that “groomed” is to you, do that. You’ll look better and feel better.
  • Splurge on those unmentionables. Just because today’s “look” is jeans and a t-shirt, doesn’t mean that you can’t be wearing some seriously sexy lingerie underneath. Wear it for you. It doesn’t matter if no one else sees it.

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Tips to feel more confident

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14 thoughts on “Tips to Feel More Confident”

  1. Great tips, Ellen!  And a fabulous reminder to take time out to care for ourselves and our appearance.  It’s easy for your self-esteem to take knocks, good to have a confidence plan! 

  2. Ha, your first tip is the best. I’ve noticed many people so hunkered over their computers and cell phones. I bet they also have some back issues. I also feel more awake when I don’t slouch.

  3. Before I forget, thank you for the link to the samples. These are all great tips. I esp like Smile. It is just hard to be anything but happy, and confident when you are smiling. Confidence is so important whether you are in the workforce or at home.


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