Fashion Must Haves for Back to School

Last Updated on December 29, 2017 by Ellen Christian

It’s no surprise that with my love of fashion, my children are also very aware of what’s in style. With back to school only a few weeks away in Vermont, I have started thinking about the fashion must haves for back to school time. I know that individual styles will vary based on your teen’s fashion sense but in my house, these are some things that come up on my radar. This post contains affiliate links.

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Fashion Must Haves for Back to School

What are your fashion must haves for back to school?


6 thoughts on “Fashion Must Haves for Back to School”

  1. ELLEN!!!! This is awesome! I love how I can roll over the pic and it highlights- SUCH a great idea! Sadly, it doesn’t seem to convert to cell phone usage, but this is seriously awesome! Also, those Warby Parker glasses are adorable!

  2. I like a favorite new piece of jewelry usually a bracelet or ring. I know people don’t wear watches as much, but I like a mod new watch that keeps me on track and on time.

  3. I totally agree with Chelley, this is awesome the way you did this! I love the jeans…but my days of skinny jeans are long gone. That ship sailed about 10 years ago. Plus I found out the hard way that they just don’t work for us height challenged gals. Great job on this post and the graphic rocks!

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