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I have a thing for lip products but what are the real differences in lip products and what should be used when? These lip care tips will help answer that question. It’s no joke when I say that I have a huge bucket full of lip products to choose from each morning.

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Lip Care Tips to Keep Your Lips Kissably Soft

Lip Care Tips to Keep Your Lips Kissably Soft

Different lip products have different uses and often there is more to consider than just the color.  Lip gloss, lip balm, lip salve, lipstick, lip stain.  Each promises to do something different.


When I was growing up, the only lip product I ever saw my mother use was lipstick.  Typically, lipstick is a combination of pigments, oils, waxes, and emollients that give your lips color and in some cases offer protection as well.  

I generally reserve lipstick for a night out with my husband.  The color tends to be opaque and most lipstick products feel heavy on my lips.  Lipstick generally comes in a tube and is in solid form.

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Lip Gloss

Lip gloss products generally give your lips a glossy look and some also give your lips a subtle color as well.  A gloss is often applied with a wand and is in liquid form. The main ingredient tends to be an oil of some sort.

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Lip Stain

A lip stain is used primarily to color the lips. The main ingredient tends to be a dye.  Lip stain stays on much longer than lipstick (up to 18 hours) and because it “stains” the lips but can often be quite drying. I do not wear this in the winter for this reason.

Lip Care Tips to Keep Your Lips Kissably Soft

Lip Balm or Lip Salve

Lip balms or lip salves are generally waxy substances applied to the lips to help with chapping.  There are petroleum based lip balm products and lip balm products that do not use petroleum.  

Non-petroleum based lip balm products often contain soybean oil, shea butter, beeswax or other ingredients. Some lip balms have added color and flavor.  Both color and flavor can dry and irritate your lips. If you are choosing a lip balm to soothe chapped lips, you may want to choose one with no added color/flavor.

I probably apply a lip balm or lip salve at least ten times a day.  I’ll admit to having them stashed strategically all over the house: bedroom, bathroom, office, pocketbook, car, etc.

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I’ve accidentally forgotten my lip balm or lip salve at home and stopped at the store to buy more. It’s not a product I ever want to be without.  While I use other types of lip products for color or gloss, I choose lip balm or lip salve for its soothing effect on my lips.

To keep your lips soft, be certain to choose lip products that won’t dry out your lips. Exfoliate your lips gently once a week using a lip scrub. One of my favorite lip scrubs is my homemade Chocolate Honey Lip Scrub.
What are your lip care tips for kissable lips?

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  1. I have two tins of pure African shea nut butter than I use all the time and just love. That’s always my base before anything else goes on my lips. I use baking soda to scrub off any flaky lips, but it really helps if I keep up my oil and fat intake. I know I don’t get enough fat in my diet but when I really try, boy do
    I notice a difference in my skin and lips. Yep, I need to try harder with that one! I’ve wanted to try a lip stain but haven’t yet and didn’t know it could be drying.


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